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Golf club and ball cleaning

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  • Golf club and ball cleaning

    We all know you need clean clubs and balls. Can anyone reccomend a good club cleaner. I really dont wanna carry buckets of water down evertime. I saw a few you can mount on golf carts with brushes inside. Just wanted to see what others are doing.

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    IMO the only real way to be sure is to wash them. Most courses around here have a washing station set up near the clubhouse on the way out where you can scrub them with a brush and rinse them off - maybe check with the ones you frequent and see if you've just missed them?


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      spray degreaser like 303 or equivalent with a small brush and small bucket of water. Dip brush in water, spray grips and scrub. It'll build up a lather. use the lather after giving grips a good scrub on the club head. Rinse. Repeat with all other clubs.

      EDIT [added content]: Start with clean clubs and balls. While on course use a brush like this:,

      and a Frogger towel with the inside moistened with water prior to leaving the clubhouse like this:
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        This is what i use. I won one at an outing and it's been a great thing for the sim. Doesn't address the ball though.


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          I got this idea from Jay Lasco - club cleaner and I attached it to a piece of 2x4 for leverage and so it can be emptied out. ‚Äč


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            Are you talking about at your sim or on the course? At the course they most always have ball washers. You can just dip a towel in the ball washer fluid and clean the clubface well enough to play IRL golf.

            At the sim use a new ball and when it gets dirty get a new ball. For clubfaces just wash off in a sink and clean the grooves with a tee or other suitable device. Unless your sim is in a dirty barn the clubfaces don't get dirty once cleaned.

            BTW the reason to clean the faces is so the dirt doesn't get transferred to the ball and then to your screen. Cleaning a screen is a real PITA.

            In summary at your sim clean the clubfaces, start with a new ball and call it a day.


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              Definitely meant in the sim. That club tub look cool might try it out. I use all new clean balls. Im outside and back in almost daily this time of year. When buddies come over. Its like they have never even wiped a club off.


              • bubbtubbs
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                Ah, guest clubs.

                This thread makes more sense to me now.

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              Well they dont make the club tub anymore.