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SwingCatalyst sketchy support

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  • SwingCatalyst sketchy support

    Does anyone know someone who works at SwingCatalyst? It seems like they are a small time shop.

    I'm opening a training studio and planned to leverage their platform but am reconsidering. I placed a hardware order with them for two of their new cameras, mounts, and a PoE card after trialing their software. The PoE card shipped USPS, was mis-delivered/lost, and as such, I do not have possession of the card. I got a letter from the Post Office stating they effectively lost the package and emailed the sales contact address for order reply. I opened a support ticket as a last effort trying to get anyone to simply file a USPS shipping claim on their side and ship a new card. Between the several day lag in between correspondence from support which has not proven helpful to date, no contact whatsoever from sales about my order issue, and the fact that I still don't have the $225 card, I'm not sure where to turn. This has been going on for two weeks now and at this point is just comical.

    Honestly, this isn't a major issue if someone would just communicate and ship a new card as one would expect in this scenario. Looking to escalate internally if anyone has a good contact.

    For those looking to leverage this company......I'd be cautious.

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    Purchased SC through Foresight, had an issue at start up with SC not recognizing my launch monitor. Contacted both SC and Foresight for help. Have yet to hear from SC, got a call back with help from Foresight within an hour.


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      Hey StanMI…..yeah SC support seems to consist of one person and given the lag in reply, I’m not sure if it’s a full time job for him or if he does other work inside of the company as well. I’d recommend responding to your support ticket email daily as that system will remind them to reply. That said, have you seen this support article about GC2 connectivity troubleshooting?


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        Surfthing is now a partner with Swing Catalyst, now obviously you will still want to talk to them directly for bigger issues but we are going to help them with some of the support questions that are out there. Since the company is based out of Norway, they needed somebody here in the states that can ship and support the products better. The support staff is also now in the states so getting responses will be more timely. If you have a simple question, please feel free to visit us at and ask your question in our live chat. If we do not have the answer, we will connect you to the right place directly.