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Two sets of clubs?

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  • Two sets of clubs?

    Just wondering what everyone else does... In all my research I've seen it written time after time to use only new balls and clean clubs in order to keep the impact screen in good shape.

    Cool. Great. However, I "may" not be the best at cleaning my clubs meticulously after every round... I mean, I wipe after every shot when playing, but they are certainly not meticulously clean. Do I need to buy a second set of clubs just for the sim room? Or should I play less winter golf in the pacific NW where it's so muddy lol

    Easiest would be a dedicated set, but kinda $$$!! What do you do?

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    When I first started I had a set of clubs for the golf room and a set for the course, but as I got better quality clubs I got to where I would get a bucket of hot water and wash them before I took them out to the shop, that soon turned into a wipe down with a wet rag if they looked bad.


    • BGCurtis2nd
      BGCurtis2nd commented
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      But I do have balls that are only for use in the golf room.

    • gnomike
      gnomike commented
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      You mean I can't steal range balls for use in my sim room? J/K - yea, the balls will be new & dedicated for sure.

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    BGCurtis2nd That's a good point. I should have mentioned that my clubs are vintage Ben Hogan Apex Plux forged. I've gone club shopping I don't know how many times, but I've never found anything that I hit/like better than them. Drivers & woods are the only clubs I buy lol... but I digress... having old clubs that are generally dirtier and harder to clean was an unforeseen sim-use problem!


    • bubbtubbs
      bubbtubbs commented
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      Nice sticks!

      I use a set of '94 Hogan Apex channelback blades with the Apex 5 shaft, 3-PW. Found them in mint condition at a secondhand sports store for a hundred bucks. Even had new Tour Velvet grips.

      Mine are spotless, though. I wipe after each shot and wash after each round.

    • gnomike
      gnomike commented
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      bubbtubbs Now that was a steal you got!!

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    for what its worth... i have a set of cobra one length and taylormade psi. i swap from sim room to course... i cant decide which i like more! 2 sets is always fun... but in reality if you / i want to be consistent, then playing with your first and best set of clubs is the way to go i think


    • gnomike
      gnomike commented
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      Does switching from standard to one-length clubs mess with your game a ton? Sounds like it would...  Personally, I still haven't tried a one length set but will eventually.

    • frankiepap39
      frankiepap39 commented
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      i find the short 4,5,6 help me... the rest is bit of a waste... ill end up selling the one length eventually

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    Totally agree with playing your first/best/favourite clubs. I might have to see if I can pick up a 2nd set of irons for the sim room. Crap! Now I have to get two of every future club I buy lol


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      I had Taylormade RSi2 irons, and then bought new Taylormade P790’s. I would normally eBay my old ones, but I cleaned them up to be immaculate and put my HMT dots on them. They are now exclusively for indoors!

      When I was cleaning them between indoor / outdoor rounds, I was washing them in the sink with a scrubbing brush and detergent, then drying them thoroughly.
      Not just a quick wipe like I would on the course.

      My indoor balls come straight out of brand new boxes, and once the have scuffs / burrs, they get put in my outdoor bag.


      • triplebogeysrbetter
        triplebogeysrbetter commented
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        Same here for the golf balls. I purchased a dozen at a time for the simulator. They are indoor only. I use a sleeve at a time. Once scuffed or WTF kind of mark is that the ball is toss.

        I only have one set of clubs. Between rounds and hitting indoors. I take the clubs to the cleaning station I have setup (water, brushes, towels). Think of it as a decontamination room. I will not hit with that club until its completely clean.

      • gnomike
        gnomike commented
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        Hadn't thought of the ball rotation idea... i love it. New sleeve for sim room, then into the bag once they show the slightest wear... but still perfect for outdoor round. Great idea!

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      The best part of rotating balls from SIM to the bag is that I don’t feel as bad when I plunk one of those ProV1s into the creek!


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        Now that I have a Sim I would definitely entertain ordering an extra 6 or 7 iron with the same specs each time I upgrade to new sticks... My quad has an internal shot counter and I've hit close to 40,000 balls since September... My mid irons take the most abuse


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          A little more than a year after owning my sim I have picked up a second set of near-identical irons (R7 TPs ) to avoid the following issues:

          1) Having to clean my clubs to play inside
          2) Sim wear on gamers (grips and faces)
          3) Worrying about leaving a club behind when leaving to play my muni (oftentimes it's a rush getting out the door)

          Highly recommended.
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            Old clubs, new balls inside..... opposite outside.