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What type of clubs do you use

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  • What type of clubs do you use

    Post your club type/specs here.

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    Hi fellas- Well- Ive decided I need new irons- about 12 years ago i bought a set of Cleveland forged blades thinking I knew what i was doing on the course- They are pretty unforgiving to say the least. quit golf about 5 years ago due to time constraints.
    since I got back into golf this year and using the simulator- I just cant seem to hit em crisp at all- even when I hit em flush they still dont give me that good feedback that youd expect. I have to quit blaming the hitting mat-(I know its me-lol)
    Im thinking of getting a set of hybrids that gradually slim down toward the 7-pw -
    Have any of you gone this route? anyone whos played with me online can see what im going through-I just lost confidence in those approach shots- I shouldnt be hitting so many fat or thin shots- the clubs seem heavy and imbalanced, and frankly- if Im going to enjoy the sim- I better get the right tools...
    any suggestions?


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      Find someone that can do a fitting for you.

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    Here's my current setup(11/6/14):

    TM Jetspeed 10.5 driver set to 9
    TM Jetspeed 3W
    TM RBZ 3 hybrid
    TM SuperFast 2.0 4,5 hybrid
    TM Rocketblaze 5-9 irons.

    Mizuno MX300 PW and GW
    TM Rocketblaze SW 56

    Scotty Cameron California putter

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      I've got Mizuno irons (the cavity back ones - 800 or something - 2-3 years old). Hybrid 3 & 4. Titleist fairway woods. Nike Covert driver. Cleveland wedges.

      Before buying this set I had a mixed set like you describe. Adams. It had full hybrid 3 and 4 iron, a half hybrid 5 and 6 iron and then cavity back 7 - w. When I bought that set I was also struggling with hitting it flush, the club never felt balanced and the weight of the clubs and the mis-hitting kept making me swing harder. I ended up putting in stiff graphite shaft in those because at the time it felt a lot more natural to me and it felt like I didn't need to swing so hard. It was a pretty decent setup. I really only got rid of them because my son needed clubs and I decided to cut those down an inch and give them to him (and thus I was forced to buy new clubs . When he started needing standard length clubs, we switched to a newer version of those Adams for him. I think it's a pretty good solution.



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        thanks guys- yep- sounds like some good advice.
        Shows you how much i pay attention anyway-- gees-i cant believe it my irons are tommy armour 845 evos.
        My older set was clevelands and I still have em- and you know-i just hit em and they feel better than the 845s.. I just dont think they were ever a good fit for me- they look good but just seem dead.
        you guys are right-- im going with the newer more forgiving set next- 3 choices-
        1 I had my eyes on the rocket blaze clubs-
        2 My friend has used adams for years and likes em-
        And 3 I was thinking the cleveland altitude(really forgiving) or the mid cavity back set the TT I think theyre called...
        so those are my 3 choices I narrowed down--for what im willing to spend at least-around 500- at least I havent bought clubs in awhile so i dont feel too bad about it.

        bottom line is id like to stand over the ball with confidence the next time I have to hit a shot 164 over water--- inch:


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          I have three sets (I seem to have commitment issues). One of them are the Cleveland Altitudes 4-DW. They are awesomely forgiving. Check out The Hackers Paradise if you are not already a member. Great real world reviews of pretty much every club.

          I would never never never give up my Mashie hybrids either.


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            Whats in my bag?

            Adams 9088 UL house of forged shaft mid kick point. w/ Harrison shot maker insert.
            RBZ 3 wood
            Adams XTD 19 degree hybrid
            Adams 4,5,6 A12 hybrids
            Adams 7-GW A12 irons
            Titleist Vokey 56 and 60 wedges.
            Scotty Cameron Big Sir putter.

            I will be buried with my Big Sir you will never pry it from my fingers.

            And I couldn't be happier with my set of stix.

            I think you can buy my set on ebay now for around 250. I went with regular shafts on all but the driver. I am right on the edge of needing stiff. But I really like the feel of the regular shafts. I too choose to go with steel shafts. The pro told me I would not like the graphite shafts but he gave me a couple clubs to try and he was right. It seemed the ball snapped of the club face faster and I did not get the feedback like the steel gave me. I have 2 friends that had graphite shafts because they were cheap and they could not get rid of them fast enough. I think the reason Adams clubs depreciate so bad is


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              so before I make the jump- I take the tommy armour 845s out, set up practice at augusta- put it on the fairway from about 145 out- take 7 iron... and give it one last try- after a couple swings i placed the club and ball so the ball sits in the pocket of the heel/and hozel.. I take it back and make sure i give it a good follow through...
              shhmook'''' flush...ball go's 140
              ? huh.. I do it again - and again- swinging a bit harder- 8 swings and 6 of em are flush at 145.

              I do this with the 6/ the 8, 9 an pw... are you kidding me--- seems i forgot how I used to address the ball after 5 years of being away.. dont know why I decided to do it now- I figured i had nothing to lose...

              so there was the lost distance on my irons, just got 10 yards back.. It's not my g damn age - just a bad set up- leading to a bad connection between ball and club head.

              I'll get those new irons but im going to wait til the end of the year- going to give these some more use.
              Now i can still hack a


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                Now your talking my friend. Swing like you mean business.

                I watched a show on the golf channel with Hank Haney and Sugar Ray. He told Ray to show him what he has got. Then he told him to swing like he means business. harder harder he said. Ray told him he can't swing hard or the ball goes all over. Hank told him to watch TV and see if he sees anyone swinging easy. He said I guarantee you if you do you won't see them next year. Runners get better by running downhill so they push themselves to a point they can't get to on the flat. But if they practice running downhill they get faster on the flat. The same can be achieved in golf by taking your driver and grab the head (upside down)and swing as hard as you can. Your muscles get tuned to the fast swing then you turn it around and bingo it all comes to light. Do that 100 times a day and pretty soon that driver is moving like never before. It feels slow but watch your club head speed on the sim. Then once you get that down add a little


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                  I have
                  TM R1 driver set to 12 deg
                  TM mini driver 3W 14 deg
                  TM SLDR 3 Hybrid
                  TM SLDR 4 Hybrid
                  TM TP MC 4-PW
                  Daddy LL 38" Putter
                  New Cleveland 2.0 wedges
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                    Nike Covert driver set to 8.5
                    #3 and #4 TM Rocketballz stage 2 hybrids
                    Nike VR Pro irons 4-PW
                    Nike VR Pro 50, 54, 58 wedges
                    Scotty Cameron Select Newport 2.5 2014
                    Bridgestone e6 balls


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                      Krank Formula 5 driver 7.5 degrees
                      Gigagolf Pursuit 3 wood
                      Nickent 3DX 1 & 3 hybrids
                      Gigagolf Power Slot irons 4-PW
                      Callaway X-Series Jaws wedges, 52 & 56 degrees
                      Yes! Tracy II Putter

                      Gigagolf is pretty cheap for brand new clubs, but they work very well. I will be changing my irons when I can, though. I hit some Wilson Staff V2 Forged irons at a demo day earlier this year and they just felt awesome. Worked well with my swing and every shot was practically right on the sweet spot. Those Nickent hybrids are showing their age, but damn that 1 hybrid is my favorite club to hit. Feels good, flies perfectly. Easy to hit a good shot with that club. The Jaws wedges are great, too. They have a very high bounce and work great for all shot types. I can hit flop shots with them and low stingers easily out of all sorts of lies.


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                        In my bag are

                        Ping g20 driver in Pink
                        Ping i25 driver (when I'm somewhere that the pink might go missing or travelling)
                        Ping i20 3 and five wood
                        Ping i20 hybrid 23 degree I believe
                        Ping i20 irons
                        Ping Answer putter
                        Vocky spin mills 52 and 56 degree lofts

                        I really love my i20 irons and the G20 driver is a blast to hit, very easy and forgiving. I have won a long drive at a club tourney with it once as well.


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                          Just updated the clubs in my bag. Played with that setup all Summer.


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                            My bag:

                            Driver Cobra Bio Cell+
                            3W Cobra Bio Cell+
                            MP-H4 3i
                            MP54 or MP64 4-pw
                            Scor 50, 54, 58
                            Scotty Cameron Select Newport 2.5