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Sensor 7 not working

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  • Sensor 7 not working

    Hi, has anyone had to repair a swing pad sensor? I have the original optishot and was getting bad readings. When I ran the swing pad diagnostic, sensor 7 does not register. I tried different USB cord. Optishot said it is out of warranty and best they could do is 10% off new one☹️. Thanks in advance, everyone’s posts on forum are so helpful.

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    Sorry, I can't help. I have the OS2, but didn't even know you can run a diagnostic on it!


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      I had two Optishots do that. First, make sure it isn't a simple obstruction like the mat slipping over the sensor or something (like the top of a tee blocking the sensor). If you accidentally destroyed it with an errant swing, it's not an easy repair. I've lost two Optishot's my making a stupid wild swing (novice golfers will do that). Based on the sensor you have out, the good news is it shouldn't affect the game much. You'll just have a much smaller swing path to pass through.

      If you do decide on a replacement, try an e-bay auction. You might be amazed. I'm always stunned at how many Optishots you'll find on e-bay.

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        Thanks Chuck. There is definitely not an obstruction, and it is weird that it just stopped working because I hadn’t been using it for quite a while. I’ve been checking out eBay but shipping to Canada is a bit much. Unfortunately, it affects most shots with about a 10 degree open reading unless I really swing out to in 😄 Will have to ramp up the savings for the Uneekor!

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      easy to fix and replace the infra red senders and receivers
      dont go for the 10% replacements options for optishots total con


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        I have a sensor that is damaged. Does anyone have the spec for the IR sender and receiver?