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Optishot2 Still Worth It?

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  • Optishot2 Still Worth It?

    Hello new member here and have been thinking about the Optishot 2. Is it a fairly decent device. I want to make sure that my swine is not inside or out and I am making fairly decent contact, is the club square and my swing speed Looking to keep my swing grooved basically. It is fairly cheap and I am not too concerned about ball flight. Would do a projector, impact screen and mat in my garage. Not looking too much at putting or anything. Maybe play a game or two a week. So are most people here still using the Optishot 2?


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    optishot 2 is 10 year old technology that measures the club only. Its a 300 dollar simulator. The next step up from there is a skytrak or mevo plus at 2000. These are portable and measure mostly ball data. Much more accurate. If your budget allows for it, best to step up to skytrak or mevo plus.




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      Hi Striker27,

      I am in a very similar position, relativity recently got got back into golf and probably around a 20-22 HCP at the moment. I have bought into the Optishot2 and currently decking out my garage to get it up and running, I am looking for similar limited information to help refine my swing a little more to try bring down HCP. Also it makes golf a little more accessible for me, also considering the winter months ahead to keep practicing and keep a bit of fitness. From a price point of view and resale valve it is also appearing to someone link me who is just trying out the whole simulator thing.

      The competition side of the optishot look interesting on paper, I think if i enjoy the tech will look to join up for a year to see how it goes. Think that could also be good fun too and keep interest going vs the repetitiveness of practice

      Two of my concerns going into the optishot are:
      a) build quality and the robustest to damage. the concept of swinging a club at you valuable sensor just seems alien to me. So a bit of a fear of damaging.
      b) Completion mode and how fair it will be. I guess there is quite a bit of trust in the users but also being old tech I bet you any money there are a number of people who have been on optishot for years and have just mastered the sensors to a point they are untouchable. It's a similar analogy to xbox or playstation, when you pick up an old online game and you get absolutely rinsed by "old timers"

      To answer your question about how many people still are on optishot, especially considering completion mode. I am personal not holding my breath too much as I think it might be a relatively small number considering the general activity on the forum (80 views in a week), how little information there is out there on the likes of youtube, from point B above and also considering there is much better tech available that is likely to be more appealing.

      From my end that's not too much of an issue, I am hoping it will be good fun practicing and playing by my myself or with mates. If membership and playing comps works out then that will be a bonus. I think if I seriously get back into it and lower my HCP to say <16 and enjoy a home simulator will also probably seriously conciser a skytrack/mevo/etc as the extra ball info will probably what I will after next.

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        HI guys.. I purchased an OptiShot about 4 years ago.. It was "fun".. It literally just measured your club coming through. I had drinking buddies bouncing it off the garage door (90 degress to the right) and on the screen it would go 250 down the middle. I'm a low handicap and my friend I golf with most is a scratch. It was good for us to keep our swings grooved. If you go with it, make sure to get the stance mat that has an insert for the OptiShot.. And make sure to get a thicker replacement turf top for it. I went with a thicker replacement top. It lasted about 3 months. BUT without it, you will go out on the course and hit everything thin because you'll adjust your swing to not hit down into the cheaper looking plastic simulator. I used the Optishot for about 6 months and realized it was not for me. I then went to the Skytrak and it was way more accurate, BUT had about a 2-3 second delay and several misreads or no-reads. It would take my younger sons hours to finish 9 just because they had to hit 3 or more times to get it to register. Again, it was great for me and my scratch golfer buddy.. BUT not good for the higher handicappers because it didn't like to read extremely bad shots. Last spring I went to the Uneekor QED. And I love it. Instant shot results and maybe one no-read every 1000 shots. And seems to be extremely accurate. I am so confident in the QED I ran a golf league for about 20 of my friends last winter and plan to do it again this year. I would have never been comfortable doing so with the Optishot or Skytrak. Hope that helps. Let me know of any specific questions and I will do my best to answer them.