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  • Unreal scores

    I'm only guessing but this is unreal, I know a lot of post here about potential cheating so I leave it here.
    I in real live play around 3 hcp but in simulators around +1 or 2.
    Playing with +10,9 is more like Tiger hcp and playing -14 on a wery long course with demanding rough is unreal so something is odd here. If it is a bad apple so be it but we have to point out unreal scores.
    This is just fun and I'm Ok with it because there is no trophy so I only ask "WHY"😘

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    While I don’t know anything about that specific person, understand that there really are people out there that are that good at sim golf. No boosted clubs, mulligans, or anything like that is used. It’s not even limited to Optishot. People do it using GC Quads and Trackmans while streaming the video. It’s nuts, but some golfers are really good at taking advantage of the favorable conditions that go along with indoor sim golf.


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      Lol. So true. I have a Quad. I will occasionally play some of the FSX games. I will hit a 280 yard drive and feel good. Then I see all of the 340+yard drives from the Goftec instructors who are also playing.

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    I know people can put great scores but when 1 in 22 players in the game has a unreal score then it stands out.
    I play alot with Trackman and there you can't cheat and my hcp is +1 so simular to Optishot but normally I don't play courses from backtees there and par 4 at 450meters.
    So if 22 players all with good + Optishot handycap struggle in hard conditions and 1 is extra good then something is wrong I think.
    I know that I will newer know what is right or wrong here but it's OK to let ppl think about it sometimes.


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      All online events have a high potential of cheating. Even chess has cheaters.