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  • Ballflight Review

    For anyone thinking about getting the Ballflight check out the review I recently posted on YouTube: Optishot Ballflight Review

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    First of all, thank you for the excellent review Bezo33. It was very thorough and fair, stating the good points and the weaknesses of this unit. The Optishot company should be thanked for revolutionizing indoor golf some 15 years ago now. Their Ball flight unit is competing with some big players both in camera or radar technology. This would include the GC3/BLP, GC2, Uneekor Eye mini, Skytrak, Flightscope Mevo plus, Full Swing Kit etc. amongst others.

    The connectivity by Ethernet only stinks. No app for mobile connection stinks. Hopefully they will change this. I agree that some software algorithm tweaks will help distances etc however hopefully the measured data like spin and spin axis was accurate. In that note:

    How was the spin axis measurement?
    What club data do you get?
    Whats the total cost including software?
    How did it measure spin etc with non marked balls?


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      I totally agree! To answer your questions:

      How was the spin axis measurement?

      It reads it as side spin and I felt it had a bit of a left bias. Does not give an axis measured in degrees.

      What club data do you get?

      Just club head.

      Whats the total cost including software?

      $4k the software is free.

      How did it measure spin etc with non marked balls?​

      No not really. With driver, 7i and wedge they all read about 2200rpm.


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        Thanks Bezo33. Again, great review. I suspect spin axis with unmarked balls is even worse. I think this unit is overpriced for sure. It seems similar to the Skytral or ES16 Tour plus.

        a few more questions:

        1. How big is the hitting area?
        2. is it reasonable with fades and draws?
        3. Are there many mis reads or no reads?
        4. Roughly what is the battery life?
        5. Are they gonna allow 3rd party software like TGC2019 etc.
        6.I assume firmware and software updates are free?
        7. Is it easy to move for righties and lefties other than the damn Ethernet cord?
        8. Shot to show seems fast?
        9. Do non marked balls measure side spin (spin axis) correctly
        10. What is the make of their marked balls?