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p3p putting

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  • p3p putting

    Hello, I've had my p3p for a couple of years now hitting foam balls into a net and using a 42inch TV as the monitor.
    I recently completed the simulator project with an enclosure, screen and projector.
    In the past, I've just shut the putting off but I have a putting mat that I would like to start using and I can't get any consistency
    using the putter.
    I put new tape on it, it takes several attempts for it to register, then when it does it doesn't appear to be accurate.
    The rest of my clubs work fine.
    I'm wondering if it could be lighting, but overhead light is not directly above the sensor, a little towards the screen and aiming back at the sensor.
    Maybe 18-24 inches.

    Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.


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    is the red light on when you are putting?


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      This is going back a long time so this was the way it was about 4 years ago.

      When putting very slow putts there needed to be a red light on to show that the pad was in the slow putt mode. I think it was from 20 feet and in but can't say now for sure if that changed.

      It seemed with the newer pads that had the auto slow putt mode enabled (red light comes on when close enough to the hole where a slow putt is needed) there was an issue with being super sensitive with the reflection of the base of the putter. In fact you could wave your sock foot over the pad and it would create a read when in slow putt mode. The older pads (swipe across to activate red light) did not read that sensitive. Again this is going back a long time and I no longer use or kept up with this system, but you did need a flat black tape to tape your putter base and then the reflective strip on that, in order to get a good read without a massive path miss read. I never used a ball in place when putting and just tried to get the putter speed and path correct.

      One test you can do is putt from outside of 20 feet or about, in order to not have the slow putt mode come on (red light) and then make a putt. I would think it would work fine and read without any massive miss read. If this is the case it has to do with that slow putt mode and the super sensitive reflection off the base of the putter.

      Worse case you can make up a mock putter with a head that is only the thickness and size of the reflective strip (about 1/4" wide base and 2" long) and use that without a ball to putt.

      As for the lighting there had been some testing that a CFL light (florescent light bulb) would help when over top of the pad on those issues and if I remember it did, but on the older pads that method made things worse. Seemed any other lights would mess with the infrared sensing just like sun light does.


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        Thanks for the responses.
        I have the newer sensor pad that the red light comes on automatically at short distances.
        The red light is working and seems to come on during the appropriate time. short putts, short chips.
        I replaced the black tape and reflective strip.
        I'll swing 3 or 4 times without it registering, (tried with and without a ball) then when it does register, it blasts the putt substantially longer than the swing would produce.
        Trying to putt 12 or 15 feet and it goes 30 or more and often off the green. I have played with the distance control in the settings as well to no avail.

        I will play around with the lighting and the type of light bulb and hopefully that will make a difference.

        I appreciate the time and your thoughts


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          Hi Cooker. Have you the last updated software ?
          If not ,you can download it on