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P3ProSwing Out of Business and No Support

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  • P3ProSwing Out of Business and No Support

    Effective 1/25/2019, Sports Vision Technologies has closed its doors permanently and I had talked to them before they closed and they are all disbanding so there will be no support for existing clients. If you are a Par2Pro client in need of assistance, please email us at and we can do our best to help.

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    No way!!!!! They had such an amazing product!!!! Worked amazingly well for that category. Only wish they would of used TGC software.

    Also didn’t they just make a launch monitor??
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      Yes, definitely unfortunate and they did just come out with the ProLaunch camera


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        Hey All, this is very strange, but we were told by the Operations Manager that the shop was closing its doors and also got an auto-reply confirming it on the 26th; however, I received an email stating that they are still open, so my sincere apologies for the confusion, but apparently they are still open (just waiting on a confirmation on potential closure).


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          That's too bad. Hopefully they clearify things for their customers. Keep us all posted Cory.


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            I thought that was strange, because their website was never down. I had a P3proswing for years and it helped my game out a lot. Moved on to other things, but often wish I had not sold it.


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              Just a quick update that they have not given us an official statement of intentions yet. Their website is still up but all of their sensors are out of stock. We are just telling clients that if they would like a P3ProSwing system, we have a couple left in our Canadian office and they are being sold with the potential of no warranty or support from P3ProSwing and we will do our best to support whoever buys these last couple of units from us. Really a shame as they always offered a great option for those looking for something in between an Optishot and SkyTrak.


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                Ditto!!!!!! Amazing company.


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                  Ok. So I was looking at alternative simulator systems and I ran across this fitness golf. (See Video & Links) Tell me if you see similarities in their software and the P3 software and courses. My thinking is if Skytrak integrates with this maybe it would with P3 courses or they might pick it up??





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                  • m3w
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                    They look the same, because they ARE the same. Both companies use a re-branded version of Red Chain for their courses. I can't see them ever incorporating Skytrak with P3.

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                  I have been using my sons P3proswing for the last couple of weeks while my Protee is down. The interface is very similar although not exact. For example, P3 ProGolf has hybrid in club selection. I do wonder if P3proswings golf course pack with work with this software.


                  • nmac
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                    I know this are using same GUI, but I noticed the courses are same I bet they would run in the Fitness golf software. only thing is there might be some code that is needed from P3 to support their hardware. Any programmers out there that can chime in.

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                  Does anyone know if other companies would retrofit a turf on top of the hard black simulator?