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P3proswing power supply

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  • P3proswing power supply

    I was recently given a p3proswing from my golf pro. Unfortunately he couldn't find the power supply that went with it. I managed to find the software online and the computer recognizes the hitting pad but I need to find a power supply to energize the sensors. I found some old documents that says it requires 5v dc. I purchased variable voltage powersupply that can be set from 3 to 12 v dc. I wanted to know if anyone can confirm the 5v dc before I fry the thing before I get to use it.

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    Power Supply arrived and works properly set at 5v dc.


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      Where did you get your Power Supply?
      Did it have the end that Screws On?


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        Just to update an old thread: The power supply that goes with a pad with serial cable (looks like old RGB monitor pin cable) uses a 5 V and the newer pad with the newer (like printer cable sort of square) uses a 6 V.
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