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p3proswing with WGT simulation?

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  • p3proswing with WGT simulation?

    Why doesn't p3proswing go with WGT simulation?

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    p3proswing as a company had no real direction. they are happy to just keep changing their turf top so they can jack up their price. last seasons ball spin data was laughable. as we all know the P3 doesn't measure the ball. it also doesn't measure the club that well either. how they are still in business is beyond me. at least optishot users can get there machine to work even if it is at a low level. don't ever count on P3 using any software other then the garbage they have.


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      I had the p3. Get the protee 2.0 with TGC.. you won't be disappointed.. That's what I did and I couldn't be happier..


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        I was a P3 owner for a number of years. I spent most of my time fiddling with it, just trying to get what seemed to be normalized readings. There were lots of misreads, shots that didn't register, and overall odd ball flights. It was amazing to me at the time that a device could allow me to practice indoors. In practice, they never really delivered.

        I recommend the SkyTrak as a viable alternative. It's more than the p3, but not by all that much, especially when you consider it ACTUALLY works!


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          I was a P3proswing user for 10 years and found it very useful for improving my real game. It is not perfect for sure, but it provides accurate and consistent club data. This type of information is invaluable when attempting to improve ones game. P3pro is improving their system all the time. It now includes many E6 type courses and very well done ranges, The putting range is one I found quite useful to improve real course putting.

          One has to control lighting to get the best results. I did not have any trouble accomplishing this. Taping clubs is not a big issue if the main use is improvement of ones personal game, but it does have to be done accurately. It makes it tough/impossible to have buddies over to play.

          Since Chuck has taken over the direction of the company, P3pro has made some great strides. Among these are improved ball flight algorithms, online play, addition of launch angle to premium courses. So they continue to improve their product.

          I now have an ES 16. It's a good unit, but I do miss the consistency and accuracy of the P3pro system's club data. As it turns out for me, that is vital for my game.

          Obviously, I have a very different experience than the folks above. One has to get use to the system, but I think the system is hard to beat for the price.


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            I agree with Stonebattle, I have been using P3proswing for awhile myself and find it to be an excellent product that is sturdy and gives very accurate data. I had a Skytrak for a few weeks and in comparing the accuracy against my P3 felt that there was very little difference what so ever. The main selling fact for me with the P3 over the Skytrak is warranty, tech support, and cost. Try sending anything back to SkyGolf for repair and cross your fingers on getting it back anytime soon. Any issues that I have or questions, I can call tech support at P3 and talk to a human and get answers fast, with Skytrak good luck on talking to anyone at all.

            I use my P3 in a dedicated room with high ceilings and truly love it, I realize that with any device some folks will have problems and not be satisfied with a product. But I can honestly say with P3 no problems exist for me. And dollar for dollar you can't beat it!