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iOS App for automatically recording swings

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  • iOS App for automatically recording swings

    Hi All, thought I would share this with the community since I am a long time lurker here and Skytrak owner ...

    Spending quite a lot of time on my sim hitting balls I was frustrated with having to manually stop and start my iPhone video recorder, then subsequently have to trim/edit my swings to see what I was doing right and wrong. Since I have developed a couple of iOS in the past I decided to throw something together to solve this and build a app called "Snap Swing" ...

    The app uses "sound" to capture your swings, and subsequently trim them to the correct length and save them. You can also view and edit the videos (lines, circles, etc) directly in the app.

    Its free and available in the app store ... (For iPhone and iPad)

    Please feel free to try it, I am open to suggestions or ideas to make the app better.


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    Looks pretty sweet. Im definitely gonna give it a go


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      I have downloaded this and really like it. Especially like that you can change the fps so you get rid of the flicker from lights and screen.
      I have tried it outdoors but there was too much ambient noise for it to work.
      Is there a way to get a higher volume on the success sound?


      • paschmann
        paschmann commented
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        Hi Snaphook - Glad to you like it.

        Re: Higher volume - I released a new version last night (1.7) which has a slightly different tone, and is a little bit louder, since I also had a similar issue.

        Cheers, Paul

      • Snaphook
        Snaphook commented
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        great update, the sound is much better. Another feature future would be to be able to mark videos in the album so you can delete unwanted videos fast, without having to open everyone.

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      I already recommended this in other threads/forums! Great work!!


      • paschmann
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        Great thanks gms!

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      I can't seem to get this to work. I really like the comcept though. One thing that I would like would be the option To use the front camera.


      • paschmann
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        Hey rich - could you elaborate on what wont work? Does it not start? Blank screen? etc? I would be happy to try and help, Paul

      • bennyg211
        bennyg211 commented
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        Paul, it would seem that it crashes when I hit the lower left icon (only if no video has been captured). I’m running iPhone 6s on 11.2.6 (beta). Also, it seems to get a little stuck when set to automatic capture and record is hit and then I want to stop if it hasn’t registered a shot.
        The biggest change for the best would be to solve the FPS flickering of lights (filtering at 50hz?) as it is a little annoying. Looks a great clean app though, so kudos. Wish I had it in me to learn how to develop apps for iOS, I’ve a bunch of ideas (mainly only useful to me I guess).
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      paschmann this app is exactly the app I needed but never knew existed! thanks!


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        I am just getting started on setting up my sim. Your app looks promising, and I am anxious to try it out!


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          I just released a new free iPhone/iPad (iOS 13) application for recording/viewing your golf swing:

          The app can use the front or back camera and always uses the highest available frame rate.

          There is a setting for automatically trimming videos (use sound). I may add a separate tab for this feature which would auto-record the swing then switch to playback mode for viewing.

          It's easy to trim videos, mark them up, save marked up images and export both videos and images.

          It also has a delayed video feature which uses the front camera only. I find it useful for working on my takeaway.

          I'm open to suggestions and feedback.