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Congrats to @allen2be (NET) and @Marc Andre (GROSS) winning the TGC 2018/2019 WINTER TOUR - The Players Championship !

Join this weeks TGC 2018/2019 WINTER TOUR - Valspar Championship with 2 rounds at New Mississaugua G&CC white :
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  • My New Sticks

    My new sticks! Mizuno 919 hot metal irons with project X LZ 6.0 shafts and winn dritac grips

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    Always fun getting new sticks.


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      Just picked up same ones last week. They hit like a dream.



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        Originally posted by Ddal2 View Post
        Just picked up same ones last week. They hit like a dream.

        Mizunos are the best irons I ever owned. This is my second set of Mizuno irons. My previous set was JPX 825, I have gained 5-7 yards with the new JPX 919. I tried sever different brands during my fitting I hit irons from all the major competitors and Mizunos just fit my swing better. I originally went to get fitted for Callaway Rogues but my launch angle was way to high with the Rogue and Rogue X.


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          Huge congrats!!!
          I have always had father-in-law hand me downs until this year. I have been working so hard at my swing I decided I deserved to treat myself to my first set of clubs.
          I got the JPX 919 Forged with Project X 5.5.
          Having said that I have a set of used Mizuno MP-4 blades that arrived today in the mail. (I probably should have gotten the MP5s as they are supposed to be more forgiving but the used MP4s had the exact shaft the Mizuno shaft optimizer put me in so I went with that.) I bought them just for fun to try at home. I got curious after borrowing an old Toski T-54 blade at my local municipal driving range. I couldn't believe how wonderful it felt and how easy it was to hit. I figured it would fun. They may never leave the garage or maybe I'll only use the PW and 9 or maybe I'll sell them . . . but thought I would try.
          It is a cray addiction this golf thing. The juice you get from a good hit makes up for all the bad ones. Golf junkie!


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            Nice I just got some MP-18's - I love
            Mizuno irons. I started out with JPX, MP-52, MP-54, MP-64 and I have the MP-5's there all so nice but you can never have enough irons.

            Michael M. the MP-4 are sweet you'll want to play them on the course but those JPX 919 looks really good but I haven't tried them but I know how nice the MP-4 and MP-5 are and how they look at address oh the best.


            • Michael M.
              Michael M. commented
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              Hit my MP-4s for the first time (The PW and 8 anyway). WOW! They do feel amazing. Quite a bit heavier than the JPX which was surprising.
              I think this confirms that I really like the look of a thin top line. If the top is thin with minimal offset I am happy. It will be interesting to see which ones I stick with. Probably the JPX but too early to tell for sure.
              What is interesting is . . . I don't think the clubs are the difference - it is me. With almost any club I have 4 different modes I find myself in. Using my PW as an example:
              1) Swing feels ok but not perfect. Swing is a lot of work and struggle but ball goes straight and around 95 yards.
              2) Swing is wonderful, easy smooth, ball travels 120 yards but pulls left.
              3) Wheels completely fall of. Ball flys to the right 60 yards or skids on the ground.
              4) Swing is wonderful, easy smooth, ball travels 125-130 yards perfectly straight. I am "in the zone."

              Argggggg. Well, at least the best swings are getting better.
              It is hard to think hard about changing swing but also not thinking about mechanics and losing the IN THE ZONE feeling. Oh well, I guess that is golf.

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            Honestly I can say I never hit blades in the 20 years I have golfed i am a 11 handicap and always went with cavity backs.


            • Mxwoodman
              Mxwoodman commented
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              I'm old so when I started as a kid and in to my teens there were blades that's it when I was in my early 20's I bought my first set of cavity backs Black Cats, loved those things anyways motocross is way more important than Golf for me until I got to 50 (old and less crazy) and started golfing again. I started with some TM burners I think that's what they were called and they were good but had some odd stuff happen and as got better with my irons I went for the JPX loved those and then tried the mp52 - then 54 these are the best for me, but the mp-5 are so nice and just as easy to hit as the mp54. I think blades of today are much easier to control than the old ones at least the mp5 and it's close to the mp54 players cavity back style in forgiveness a miss hit is a miss hit with any iron.