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What about 3D printed tees?

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  • What about 3D printed tees?

    I did a quick search and didn't see anyone mention it. Anybody try it? I'm going to try it with flexible TPU filament(waiting for the printer to be delivered). Here is a GIF of model I built in Blender: Click image for larger version  Name:	tee.gif Views:	0 Size:	392.4 KB ID:	305833
    The slicer says it will cost 9 cents to print.

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    do you have a link to the STL?


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      I'm new to 3D printing. I exported the STL from Blender, is there something like a public GIT hub for STL? I'll upload it.
      Uploaded to Google drive:
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      Looks great, if they could last a few hundred shots, it seems like printing them for under a dime would be a decent deal. Plus you could easily try different heights to see what really works best for you.


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        I haven’t seen tees, but someone with a fiberbuilt mat 3D printed a return ramp from screen to mat surface. Look up fiberbuilt reviews to check it out...


        • Akotu
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          Do you have a link to the 3D printed ramp? I searched and couldn't find it

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        Look up fiberbuilt hitting strip 6 month review on YouTube, sorry it wasn’t here on the forum..


        • Jnc10
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          I thought the ramp was for truestrike?

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        what size do you print the tees at?


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          My first test print will be 30mm tall. I still don't have my printer yet so I can't be sure what is best for me. As wbond alluded to above, the beauty of printing your own is you can make them any size that works best for you.

          Yes, I did order $300 of equipment primarily to print a few $0.10 parts. These are strange times.


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            I printed standard tees with tpu. They looked cool but were more of a pain trying to get them in the ground. These should last you forever bc tpu is insanely durable even with a golf club. I ended up using them I my sim and they're still going strong.


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              Printed at 30mm in flexible Click image for larger version

Name:	2AD8930F-4343-4487-B72D-8ECC804A2BA2.jpeg
Views:	383
Size:	107.2 KB
ID:	306113 filament


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                Jcn10, did you use any supports?
                Killing time before my printer arrives V2:

                Click image for larger version

Name:	starTee.gif
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Size:	57.8 KB
ID:	306128



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                  I went without supports as they are a bugger on TPU . and it is functional without them
                  it has been awhile since I printed in TPU so I need to adjust my temps a little to improve the quality
                  but not a bad first run
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                  • Jeremy Halenda
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                    Did the TPU stand up? My buddy printed 3 tees last week with just cheap filament 5 swings and all were shattered. Only the solid one made it past 1 swing.

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                  I would be extremely happy with what you printed. I'm expecting the output of my first print to be a pile of goo.


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                    This is awesome! Especially if they turn out similar to BirTee tees. I spent $13 for a pack of 8 in October and think they are great sim tees. The only bad part of the 8 pack is they come in a variety of sizes, some that I probably will never use. I would rather pay a fellow community member for tees if they work well. Smart thinkin, Lincoln!


                    • jpotas
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                      Agree 100% with that statement. I only use 2 out the pack of 8. Still buy them though because they are great for my sim.

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                    The crazy price of BirTee like products is why I'm doing this. Regular driving range type rubber tees can interfere with my SkyTrak readings. Hoping the holes in these and printing in dark colors will not confuse the ball watching brain in the SkyTrak.

                    [edit] I wont be selling any of these but anyone who wants to use these STL files for themselves or to print and sell to others is welcome to.
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