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Titleist 'Practice' balls?

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  • Titleist 'Practice' balls?

    Hi All - Do any of you have experience with the Titleist ProV1 or ProV1x 'PRACTICE' balls in the simulator? Specifically, does the practice logo leave any markings on the screen that I should be concerned about? Thanks!

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    The 'practice' balls are full-fledged ProV1(x) and the print is the same as the alignment aid or Titleist script. It won't leave marks on the screen


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      I use TP5 Pix and TP5X practice balls. There may be a slight defect as far as the way the ball has the logo or lettering printed on it, but other than that they are exactly the same as my full price version.


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        I exclusively use Titleist NXT Tour PRACTICE balls in my sim (PR-20). No issues with ink run off.

        They last forever (forever) but you will notice significant spin loss after some time due to (I believe) the clear cover coat wearing through/off. The good news is I still haven't cracked one and they cost roughly ten cents per. I would recommend.
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          My son got a box of TP5x balls from a tournament so we decided to hit them in the sim. Every one of them cracked. I usually play ProV1x (the new ones coming out are amazing by the way! My kid gave me a few to try when Titleist sent out the early release balls for feedback)
          I have no issues playing the TP5's in the summer but i guess they don't like the constant heat then cold from a garage sim.


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            I'd contact Taylormade about that... That sounds like a bad batch or something. My TP5X's (both practice and regular) last forever... None of them have cracked