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Mevo+ Adjustable Leveling Stand

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  • Mevo+ Adjustable Leveling Stand

    I've created a stand for the FlightScope Mevo+ Launch Monitor. There are times where I use the Mevo+ in my simulator room and then take it out to the driving range and then back to my simulator so I wanted something that can easily be adjusted because not every floor is perfectly level. Also some apps are 12°, 16° and 17° so this allows you to not only adjust the Tilt Axis (front to back), but also the Roll Axis (side to side). When you take the Mevo+ off the stand, you can easily set it back on the stand and have the same tilt and roll as before with no adjusting.

    - 3D Printed (no metal interference)
    - Adjustable Tilt (+- 16°)
    - Adjustable Roll (+- 3°)
    - Nylon locking nuts for consistent tight fit
    - 8mm flat from floor to 30mm ( 5/16 in. to 1 1/4 inch )

    selling them for $80 with shipping or if you have a 3D printer you can print this and pick up the parts yourself...This is a cheaper option instead of the metal casing that is available for $200...I'm trying to get a feel for people that would be interested in this since I have to make them 1 at a time

    PM me

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    i have a newer version that is only $40 plus shipping...sits a little lower to the ground and takes half the time to print...

    Also with the new version, I added quick slots to easily jump between tilt...each slot is exactly 2 degrees so 18 to 8 in a matter of seconds


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      Justin, Looks great!. Any chance you could share/send the stl so I could print it myself?



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        still have these available if anyone is still interested