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Balls breaking

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  • Balls breaking

    Anyone notice that Taylormade tp5 balls break like crazy in their sim? I hit e12, pro v1 and TP5 and the TP5 seem to be the only ones that break like crazy. Like they maybe last a couple of weeks.

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    A couple of weeks for 1?! I normally replace 1-200 shots, less if I’m hitting a lot of wedges.


    • bubbtubbs
      bubbtubbs commented
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      Same, ProV1 usually break after 150-200 shots.

    • GullLakeMi
      GullLakeMi commented
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      Average golfer scores >80. If that's 40 full swings, you guys are saying a ProV1 will break after 4 to 5 rounds? Many folks lose balls more often than that, but I've never seen a broken ProV1. I use them in my sim. Usually 3 at a time. I'm sure I hit them a few hundred times each and then put them in play outside until lost. Insert swing speed joke here???

    • preludesam
      preludesam commented
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      Real comedians would use a ball speed joke.

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    Ya. New to me to wear out a ball. Mine usually only last a few holes then they go swimming or for a hike in the trees. Wore out my pro v1 rct ball in a few weeks