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Callaway Paradym shaft issues

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  • Callaway Paradym shaft issues

    I was fitted into a Callaway Paradym (base, not X or triple), not sure what shaft I was hitting during the fitting but club was ordered with a
    MCA TENSEI AVXLINK WHITE 65, Stiff, standard tip. Hit a number of different manufacturers, the Paradym seemed to work best for me. Launch angle, spin rates and flight pattern pretty decent.

    Now have the club at home, cannot seem to get the face square at impact, leaving face open 6-8 degrees, club path running within a degree of in/out/-neutral-/out/in. Hitting a bunch of high push fades, seems I can only get anything near normal if I really focus on snapping my left wrist down at impact, and I don't have the skill set to do that consistently.

    Is this a shaft issue or is something else happening?

    I can pick up my "old" Ping G410 with a Ping TFC 189 S flex shaft and get everything square. Same grip, same swing, same ball, etc. Not sure of the specs on the TFC shaft but I can't quite figure out what went pear shaped here.

    Any thoughts?‚Äč

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    I know this is more then stating the it possible you are setting up with the club too far open ????

    After 185 views and no posts....thought I'd add try and add something to help !!


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      Thank you!

      Turns out I had a death grip on the club. Long story short, no confidence in new equipment, started hitting some bad shots, getting frustrated, just gotta hold on tighter, right?

      A friend noticed the difference in tension, mentioned it, and after an hour or so had things worked out. I have a GCQuad and am a bit of a numbers guy (ok, I'm a bit of an OCPD) but there is no measurement for grip pressure!

      If I'm supposed to be at 3.5 out of 10, and I'm gripping it at a 12, not much is going to work!

      Thank you again for the comment.