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Social Distancing Online Lessons and Multiple Camera Setup for iOS Devices Question

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  • Social Distancing Online Lessons and Multiple Camera Setup for iOS Devices Question

    Hi Folks!! We aren't quite locked down for where I live but we are asked to social distance. It got me thinking that this is a good time for some online lessons. Does anyone have someone they recommend and how much? I was looking into and also the other instructor already listed here (I forget his name at the moment).

    I'm also wondering if anyone knows of any software that would allow for TWO iOS devices to work in conjunction with each other for down the line and face on. I doubt I'll have any luck with that one but thought I'd throw it out there on the off chance. I already have 2 PS3 cameras but I find them some grainy. Thanks gang!

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    Try Swing Index. $19.95 to get started with first lesson then I think $49.95 to unlock the other four. Computer generated analysis of your swing then a coach virtually works you through your faults. Actually pretty cool app sponsored by golf digest and Adam Scott.


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      Very cool! I'll check that one out! Appreciate it!


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        StodgyBarley - would love to hear your feedback regarding Swing Index! I too am looking to get set up with a virtual coach.

        am also planning on using two iOS devices for swing capture. I had a free trial of SwingProfile that allowed me to run both devices at the same time. One of the cool features is auto capture, check it out! Only issue so far is that the videos were saved on their respective capture devices. I am trying to figure out if the paid version syncs videos from separate devices to the cloud or not.