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What causes high launch angle and high backspin with driver

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  • What causes high launch angle and high backspin with driver

    Common driver numbers for me look something like...

    Ball speed: 130mph
    Launch angle: 22 degrees
    Backspin: 4000 rpm
    Total distance: 230 yards

    Those aren't exact but I'm going off of guess of averages I remember from my drives.

    What i'm trying to figure out is how I have such a high launch angle AND high backspin. When I did some googling on the subject it seems like if someone is hitting down on the ball (which I'm not sure if I am because Skytrak doesn't show AoA), they will produce high backspin but with a low launch angle. Maybe I'm understanding that wrong.

    Has anyone else had this same type of result in their swing consistently and/or know what causes it? I know I'm robbing myself of 20-30 yards by hitting with such a high launch angle and high backspin.

    As a side note, my driver is 10 degrees loft, I position the ball around the heal of front foot, tee it reasonably high, tilt back and keep my head behind the ball, in at least an attempt to hit up on the ball. I know what i'm attempting to do and reality sometimes don't always match though. I'll try to record my swing in the near future.
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    Yeah hitting down in the ball will usually produce high spin. So try hitting up on the ball more. Also 130 mph average club head speed will put you near the top of the pga tour. I think Bryson averaged something in the 130mph range. So if you’re truly averaging 130 club head speed, then you’re robbing yourself of 70yds+ yds, not 20-30
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      Correction made to initial post, 130mph BALL speed, not club speed. Thank you Sixmudd for catching that error.
      TGC 2019 Published Courses:
      • Sanctuary Lake MI (L)
      • Pine Trace MI (L)


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        A lot of it is swing mechanics. Hitting up on the ball and attacking it from the inside and not over the top.

        A lot of is also ball and shaft. One of the great things about having a launch monitor is being able to compare equipment and find some better matches for your swing. After years of playing prov1s, once I got a launch monitor I discovered it really wasn't the best ball for me.

        Shafts can have a big impact on launch conditions. Stock shafts tend to be higher spinning and higher launching (although stock shaft options have made huge strides in recent years). Don't be afraid to experiment with different types of aftermarket shafts that can lower your spin and launch. (Of course a quality fitting is great if and when affordable to do so).
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          Sometimes higher tee height can have the opposite effect on angle of attack than you expect. If you are striking the ball on the lower portion of the driver face, that will also dramatically increase spin.