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Home Sim - Best Approach for game improvement?

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  • Home Sim - Best Approach for game improvement?

    I recently made the purchase on one of the deals Foresight was offering and have a sim headed my way shortly. I should have it all setup within the next couple of weeks and have started going through their PEAK training videos. These are nice to better understand the data I'll have access to with the sim, but wanted to see if anyone has advice on the best ways to approach improving my game with the sim.

    My immediate thoughts are to baseline everything. See where I am with swing speed, distances, club path, attack angle etc...then start to methodically work through corrections. Curious to hear from others on the approach you've taken and if there are any lessons learned that you can share.


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    Get your baseline numbers, then sign up for lessons and work on what you learn in between the lessons. Nothing worse than grooving bad swing habits especially when you can hit balls whenever you want


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      My advice is to develop a baseline dataset with your shots - bonus if you have video for at least some of them - and then see a teaching pro (in person or online) to get tips on which areas to focus on, or what number ranges you should work towards.

      Data is amazing. It's so much easier to see improvements when everything is quantified.

      I mostly needed work with angle of attack for consistency and spin, as well as transition sequencing.


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        Thanks to both of you for the advice! Seems to be a good approach. I guess in the back of my mind I kind of knew that would be best, but I've always been the type that puts off going to the dentist to fix a toothache. But we all know how that goes...Anyway, appreciate the input.


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          Everybody's case is different. Not sure where you are starting from. I enjoy chasing the numbers. I was a 12 handicap. After GC2 and then GCQuad w/club data for two winters I got down to a shaky 8 on my own, but still fighting consistency issues. Headed into this winter of indoor practice, I got a lesson from an experienced pro who also happens to have a GCQuad. He offered band-aids or root cause. I chose the latter and he helped me identify some posture and swing sequence issues and the numbers to focus on. I'm excited to keep grinding.

          Everybody says 'get lessons'. I think it's really important to find the right pro. Many don't use LM data.