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L and S wedge often long often with to much side spin.

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  • L and S wedge often long often with to much side spin.

    It seems more recently, when I hit a L or S wedge I often get distances that are 5 to 15 yards to long. This happens mostly with cut shots. The side spin is sometimes way to much and which results in unrealistic bend. If I choose G or P wedge and hit a L or S wedge the distances and spins are more consistent and realistic. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the interface and redoing the setting, but it is still happening. Has anyone else seen this? If so, is there a solution for this? Do I have a setting wrong?

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    Hi Stonebattle, as you have used older interface versions you will need a full removal and clean install of the interface to correctly use the newer versions
    In this interface there are some new filters for cameras and also a routine to correct certain scenarios with LW and SW.
    The routine kicks in on SW and LW shots launching over 28 degrees (This can be altered to suit by ALT E , minimum chipping launch angle and changing the value lower or higher.

    Due to spin being calculated, if you leave the aiming recticule at the target (ball totarget line) a big cut across that with face open will probably lead to a higher spin reading. You can use the side spin correction sliders in the interface under settings and Ball.

    if you want to remove and clean install let me know as it will take me 5 mins or see here


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      As usual, you're on top of it. I will try it myself and let you know the results.


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        Just remember to note down your camera settings and also settings from camera devices if using the new style cameras. Note down also any other settings you have set within the interface as these will need to be redone after a clean install


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          I appreciate your efforts to improve the interface. Here's some input on what types of results I am seeing.
          The first image is of a well struck normal distance 57.5 degree L wedge. I can argue with club speed, spin and the like, but carry distance is close. This is what I normally get.
          The second image is of a well struck 57.5 degree wedge shot that I feel was slightly pushed. 14 degree open club face? Once again I can argue with club speed, distance is not bad, but side spin is way to high.
          The third image is of a well struck 57.5 degree L wedge where the ball fell out of the sky. 17 yards short? No, not a chance.
          I see these types of results with the 53 degree wedge as well, but not much with anything else.

          All my setting are the same as I have had for a while except Balltrack, which you suggested to leave on in another thread.
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            Hi Sronebattle,

            Firstly did to completely remove the old interface including all folders as per the instructions? If you simply installed ice the top it could get a bit messy as they do not migrate the same way as they used to.

            Secondly as mentioned in the settings file, there is a minimum chipping angkenset at 28 degrees.

            The new routines for sw and lw will only kick in when selected and when the launch is over the value which can be adjusted.

            The path being so severe will be because you are cutting across the mat. Where very the aiming recticule on screen is is where the mat is deemed to be sqaure to.

            Cutting across that will maybe show a higher open face and out to in path which would then increase the spin. If that's how you play it that's fine and you can reduce the side spin in the interface to compensate.

            As I have said I am happy to remote in and go through this and show you.


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              It is often easier to email me to discuss things like this as dont always have time to reply promptly here


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                Stone battle I notice on the images that the 2 at 90 yards ish are probably not correct. The new routine used actually kicked in on the one that carried 73 yards now I am not a short hitter by any means but my lw 58 degree I can hit 90 yards at 78 mph.
                yours is under 70 mph and carrying 90 ish but using the old routine for sw and lw. It was created as some were seeing the sw and lw flying further than it should and we recognised where that could occur and created a new routine.

                The one at 73 yards carry I would say is the correct.

                Open your settings alt e, scroll to minimum chipping launch angle and change from 28 to 26 or 27.

                The new routine kicks in whenever the set value so the 2 at 28 degrees were not using the new routine which kicked in on the 29 degree one which carried 73 yards.


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                  I did a complete uninstall and then installed the i version of the interface. Image 2 is not a reflection of my actual numbers. On the course and per Flightscope, I carry the ball around 90 yards with that 57.5 degree wedge.

                  For all of these shots the ball hit about the center of the screen and came almost straight back. They were well struck.


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                    If you would like me remote in and have a good look feel free to email me. If you feel that the 90 is correct then change the setting on minimum chipping angle higher to 31/32.
                    that number determines at what launch the new routine kicks in.
                    You do launch it quite low for a 58 so keeping the setting higher than your avg LA will stop it kicking in too early.

                    It will then take affect more on higher pitch or floor shots which is what it is primarily for.

                    As I said if you want me to look at this during a support session please email me.


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                      I know you're busy. I will try to do some more with this interface including the uninstall and install again.
                      My L wedge swing speed is in the mid 70s, which the interface does not always reflect, actually for any club. I would like to know what the swing speed is based on?
                      Highest respect for what you contribute to Protee.


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                        No need to do a reinstall again.

                        club speed is measured so it depends what it compared against, club speeds between any units fluctuate a little.

                        One of the speeds was 72 so almost I'm the mid numbers but I on test have seen also where other LM units of high price point show a difference of up to 5mph.

                        All you need to do is changed the value mentionmentioned k ow if you have changed any speed settings etc but to be honest in the test bay it's usually within a couple of mph across the board with what we have to compare with.

                        All high end LM's


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                          I made the chipping angle adjustment and it did seem to make a big difference.
                          I hear you on the swing speed being measured, but there has to be more to it then that. FlightScope has my swing speed between 96 and 102 mph. Protee has it between 87 and 104 mph. Not bad, but the swing speed is clearly associated with strike/smash factor or the like.

                          Also, take my 57.5 degree and 53 degree wedges. Both are base Ping eye 2 sand wedges that I had bent to my specs. They are the same length, have the same shaft, grip and head with 3gm added to each head, but bent to the different lofts. Yet, there is on average a 5 mph difference in swing speed.

                          If you look at image one above, the carry distance is about right, yet the club speed is low, the ball speed seems way high and the smash factor is then of course high.

                          So, all this begs the question, what goes into the club speed and ball speed measurement.


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                            The clubspeed is a direct measurement from the sensor mat.
                            Ball speed is a direct measurement from the sensor mat

                            The speeds are not based on anything else.
                            If you dont hit from the tee point there can be some differences as it is a measured point.

                            Different systems measure in different ways so you see variations.

                            You will see variation in speeds between FS and TM even though thay are both radar units.

                            without seeing what all your settings are etc I cant see if there is anything in settings that could adjust anything.

                            adjusting speed settings in the interface can have knock on effects of of other things.

                            really the only thing that should be altered if anything now is drag which is like another's altitude setting for carry as this can vary depending on playing conditions out doors


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                              Clubspeed could be affected and show lower if the strike is a bit heavy as it is speed through impact. The system detects heavier hit strikes through its audio but that does t alter clubspeed through impact.

                              The fiberbuilt isnt as forgiving on heavier strikes like a range mat is the club tends to bounce more off a range type mat