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Issue with Protee sensor mat

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  • Issue with Protee sensor mat

    Has anyone seen this before?

    In the last couple of weeks the sensor mat stopped recording shots. In the Protee interface everything seemed to look correct (ready for swing, sensors resetting correctly etc) but when I hit a shot no shot information was showing on the main interface screen. Tonight I changed the comm port, reinstalled protee interface, usb driver , cleaned the mat etc and finally managed to get it to work for about 5 or 6 shots before I kept getting a too low swing speed error, when I went into the debug screen the video shows what I was getting. If I unplug the power from the mat the flashing sensors stop but as soon as I move the club over the reset sensor the flashing restarts..

    thanks in advance for any advice.

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    I personally have never seen this, but I would say it's a communication issue. Do you have a different usb cable/port you could try? If you are using a USB extension cable...can you temporarily eliminate it to see if the problem resolves? Are your usb settings maximized?

    Regardless, especially if you are just setting this up, your best bet is to open up a ticket with ProTee and have them guide you through it. Their customer support is top notch. Email Jamie PROTEE UK and he will help you...

    Nobody is more knowledgeable than the guys at ProTee. Definitely report back as to what your issue was once you get squared away.


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      Thanks I’ve emailed Jamie.


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        My issue turned out to be a damaged cable to the sensor mat, big shout out to Jamie for all his help!


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          That's awesome that you got it resolved. Jamie PROTEE UK is amazing and these sensor cables (usbs) are unfortunately very sensitive (no matter what we use them for) to humidity/hot/cold environments etc.

          Enjoy your ProTee sir. 2 years ago I was mid 90s and just shot a 74 today with the biggest kuddos going out to my brutally honest ProTee and ambition.


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            BIG congrats on the 74! Massive achievement well done