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Congrats to @shank12u and @Leon (NET) and @wbond and @shank12u (GROSS) winning the TGC 2018 SUMMER TOUR - John Deere Classic !

Join this weeks TGC 2018 SUMMER TOUR - Barbasol Championship with 2 rounds at Valhalla Louisville (Pro Tee) : and the TGC 2018 SUMMER TOUR - The Open Championship with 3 rounds at St. Andrews Links - Old Course (ProTee Yellow) :
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TGC 2017/2018 Winter Tour - CIMB Classic

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  • TGC 2017/2018 Winter Tour - CIMB Classic

    2 rounds at Elmview Golf club ProTee by Reebdog

    CIMB Classic

    Gimme : within 2 yards / 1.8 meters
    Handicap : Not required
    Wind: OFF
    Green Grid : ON
    Club Suggestion is ENABLED.
    Boost: OFF (+/-5% max on club settings)

    The CIMB Classic runs from TODAY - October 15.

    Purse: $7,500,000


    You can play by yourself, offline with friends or ghost players or online.

    Please turn on Shot Recording! Instructions on how to setup Shot Recording:

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    TGC Tours:


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      Woot, good form continues, gotta take it when it's there!!! First eagle, first sub par 9, first sub par 18. Really excited with my iron play, most misses were still either pin high, or better strikes than I expected and through the back. Tee shots still need a lot of work, but very few disaster tees.


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        Nice round. Messed mine up after the turn :-(

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      Are the greens holding approach shots on this course?


      • Sascha1818
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        Yes they are. :-)

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      Course is TIGHT !!! And I am spraying my driver everywhere...not a good combination !


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        Well, that fell away poorly. Was even today after the 8th hole, -1 for the tournament, then it all went sour, going +10 for the last 10, some bad breaks and some bad play, or more likely back to normal after a nice run. Well, it was nice while it lasted, look forward to the next +ve variance, will work on the backswing changes in the meantime.


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          Glad that is over! That may be my worst round ever. Nothing, nothing at all was working.


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            I had several rewinds tonight. A five iron going 230. A few chips going 150. A putt going 60 and then a perfect drive going three yards. I shut the SkyTrak off in disgust. I wish there was a debug mode to see why it reads shots like this


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              I also had some crazy things happen that I've never dealt with before. Couldn't get putting to read at all at first, had a ball on the green that I didn't even attempt to putt go 40 yds off the green (rewind). Also, had a few 8-10 ft putts go zipping wildly past the hole out of gimmie range that I didn't rewind. I was wondering if anyone else had the issue with irons going crazy long distances like JWK described. It usually happens to me when Im trying to hit an iron "hard", cost me big time a few weeks ago from possibly winning the tournament when I made a 9 on a par 3 after 2 seven irons carried 210yds or so over the green into water. I choose not to rewind unless its something like i mentioned above with the ball moving without a stroke attempt so as to not to raise any red flags, but interesting to hear of others with same issues.


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                Yeah, I don't know if these things are sensitive to heat, but in my 2nd round, I had to reboot the thing a couple of times, heaps of no-reads and a few weird reads, and in practice play since have also had to reboot it a few times. After quite a few no-reads, and a relatively warm garage, I was sweating profusely, probably lost a couple of kg.

                Also, the couple of rewinds I did I happened to do the same thing again next shot for the most part, for massively different results in TGC. Like in one round I hit it pretty nice and saw it go way right to start and into water, rewind and it felt pretty much the same and split the fairway. There was one however where I had a small chip, and I rewound a weird result only for it to happen exactly the same, so left it, was really out of touch with chipping and putting in the 2nd round.
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                  Played both rounds today and everything was going well in my first round till I got to the 12th tee and it took about 8-10 attempts to get my driver to read and it once it finally read I hooked it into the water. The drop wasn’t great as I was surrounded by trees and just had to hit and hope, I finally took an 8 on the hole. A weird thing happened on the 7th hole in round 1 as the tee box was in the rough but back to normal in round 2.
                  Second round was just a complete mess to start with as I couldn’t hit the ball well at all. Had I little break (weather delay) and when I went back out on the course I could finally hit the ball again.


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                    That was a difficult layout. On many holes even if you were on the fairway, the wrong side of it and you would have a tree in your way or a very risky shot. The greens were reasonable, just hard to get to. The course was so tough it felt like work.