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Protee United New Season Sync Issue

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  • Protee United New Season Sync Issue

    Played both my rounds for a while he new Protee United season week 1 and don't see myself on the scoreboard. Am I missing something? Have had previous weeks I play show up.

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    Hi !

    Thank you for pointing it out, we had some issues. But the score cards are all back online!


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      I haven’t played on tour in quite a while now due to injuries…but I’m healed up and ready to play. Do I have to play both rounds for a score to post or is one enough ? I played one round of the Fortinet Championship and nothing with my name on it has posted. Seems like I had the same problem a few months ago with a round I tried to play.


      • Wizard of Coz
        Wizard of Coz commented
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        I've been out more than in over the past 18 months from injuries. You need to play both rounds if there are 2.

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      Gotcha. Thanks