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Friends? What friends

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  • Friends? What friends

    Just curious but how do you add friends? I can't seem to figure out where that option is.
    Lidar Courses:
    Belmont CC Lidar
    Virginia National Lidar
    Creighton Farms Lidar
    Westpark Va Lidar

    Fictional Simulator Courses:
    Greenwood Golf Course Sim
    Desert Valley Golf Sim
    Rodgers Woods v2
    Ile aux cinq phares

    plus others.

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    My friend and I never found a way to 'Add Friends' or 'Add eachother', but we still play together using the 'Rival' feature.

    while both you and your friend are playing at same golf course (with the same 18 hole settings), pause the game, go to the 'group tab', hit 'add to group', then hit 'add rival' and select your friend.
    We found it works out best if you turn off and back on the 'turn order' setting to get the best results.

    hope this helps,