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Congrats to @Wiscogolfnut (NET) and @Marc Andre (GROSS) winning the TGC 2019 SUMMER TOUR - 3M Open !

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TGC Tour Handicap Calculation

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  • TGC Tour Handicap Calculation

    How is your TGC Tour Handicap Index Calculated

    Your TGC Tour Handicap is calculated based on the official USGA Handicap Formula.

    Step 1: Calculate the Differentials
    Using your adjusted gross scores, the course ratings and slope ratings, Step 1 is calculating the handicap differential for each round entered using this formula:

    (Score - Course Rating) x 113 / Slope Rating

    The sum of that calculation is called your "handicap differential." This differential is calculated for each round entered (minimum of five, maximum of 20).

    Note: The number 113 is a constant and represents the slope rating of a golf course of average difficulty.

    Step 2: Determine How Many Differentials To Use
    Not every differential that results from Step 1 will be used in the next step. If only five rounds are entered, only the lowest of your five differentials will be used in the following step. If 20 rounds are entered, only the 10 lowest differentials are used. Use this chart to determine how many differentials to use in your handicap calculation.

    Number of Differentials Used

    The number of rounds you are reporting for handicap purposes determines the number of differentials used in the USGA handicap calculation, as follows:
    Rounds Entered Differentials Used
    5-6 rounds Use 1 lowest differential
    7-8 rounds Use 2 lowest differential
    9-10 rounds Use 3 lowest differential
    11-12 rounds Use 4 lowest differential
    13-14 rounds Use 5 lowest differential
    15-16 rounds Use 6 lowest differential
    17 rounds Use 7 lowest differential
    18 rounds Use 8 lowest differential
    19 rounds Use 9 lowest differential
    20 rounds Use 10 lowest differential

    Step 3: Average Your Differentials
    Get an average of the differentials used by adding them together and dividing by the number used (i.e., if five differentials are used, add them up and divide by five).

    Step 4: Calculating Your Handicap Index
    And the final step is to take the number that results from Step 3 and multiply the result by 0.96 (96-percent). The result is TGC Tour Handicap Index.

    Handicap Committee
    The handicap committee currently consists of mthunt, keither5150 and bubba22. They are also the tournament committee. The committee picks and rates the courses. Slope rating 113 will be used when a course has not been rated. The committee will monitor scores, handicaps and game play.

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      This is great. Love the data and the transparency of information. Congratulations on the improvements.


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        Well done to all involved! This looks fantastic!


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          Also really enjoy that we can click on our names and see the breakdown! GREAT job!!!


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            Originally posted by MainStGolf
            Also really enjoy that we can click on our names and see the breakdown! GREAT job!!!
            Where can you do that?

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              On the right side..... the little search icon.


              • BamaGambler
                BamaGambler commented
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                Got it. Thanks!

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              Am I correct that your TGC Tour Handicap from before the tournament starts is the one that is used for the whole tournament? So your handicap won't adjust based on your first round score for the in progress tournament?


              • ProTee United
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                Tournament officially ends on Sunday. You still can get rounds in on Monday. Handicap used is from the week before. The handicap updater runs on Tuesday which will use the rounds from the week before and will not use the rounds from the active tournament.

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              My Q school rounds did not show up in my handicap calculation. Not a big deal I just wanted to point that out in case it was an oversight.


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                Originally posted by BamaGambler View Post

                Where can you do that?

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                Well it's actually you click on that magnifying glass to the far right. And that shows your breakdown. GREAT feature!


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                Good job more -39 net wins? All good stuff.


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                  Fantastic guys, this is a terrific addition to the online play.


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                    After how many rounds I will get my tour handicap?! I played my first round in the first competition but my Tour Hcp is set to 0.0.


                    • Stingreye
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                      After you finish a tournament you will get one.
                      I had 3 tournament rounds to calculate this one. 1 at Pebble and 2 at the second one. I had my first cap after Pebble based on my 100 I shot in 1 round.

                      Here is mine:

                      Player Name Stingreye
                      Last 20 Rounds 85 100 100
                      Last 20 Course Ratings 70 70 72
                      Last 20 Course Slopes 113 113 113
                      Differentials 15 30 28
                      Lowest Differentials 15
                      Handicap Calculation (15 / 1) x 0.96 = 14.4
                      Official TGC Tour Handicap 14.4

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                    Can you go back and delete a score? I played a 9 hole par 3 course and it is messing up my handicap.


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                      Originally posted by allen2be View Post
                      Can you go back and delete a score? I played a 9 hole par 3 course and it is messing up my handicap.
                      No. It won't effect you much. The tour handicap is not the same as the game one