TGC Tour - Congratulations!

Congrats to @Michael Baas Becking winning the TGC 2017/2018 Winter Tour - Sony Open !

Join this weeks TGC 2017/2018 Winter Tour - Carreerbuilder Challenge with 2 rounds at PGA West (Palmer)[saturday] :
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TGC 2016 XMAS TOUR Schedule

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  • TGC 2016 XMAS TOUR Schedule


    To offer an online league format that facilitates all that we enjoy about playing the Sport of Golf. To make Tournament settings on each round that compare to PGA standards.

    Golf is a sport of honesty, all players are expected not to treat this like a game but treat it as if you were actually participating in live Events. Please do not cheat or manipulate the Game to give yourself and advantage. We encourage play with other online players but one can play by themselves or with a ghost ball. Scores get automatically added via TGC API so no need to enter scores. Mulligans are allowed only if there is a miss read or hardware/game error. Multiple simulator platforms will be in play.

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  • #2
    Looks like some good course the snow tournament should be fun.


    • #3
      Nice... I was bummed that there were no events after this week for a while !!!


      • #4
        me too I was going to have to take a trip somewhere if we had no tournament to play, Thank you guys for getting this tournament together and slipping it in the gap.


        • #5
          We have not tested Stone Oaks or Crooked sticks. I will test them this week sometime. If they are terrible, they may get swapped out. So far I am on hole 7 of crooked stick. I pulled some images of hole 6.... looks like the designer did a really good job duplicating that hole. When testing we are checking for playability, and accuracy compared to the real course. So far Crooked stick looks good.


          • #6
            I was also wondering what to do during the "break" - I use to play real golf on Tues and Thursdays but with the time change cannot - see glad to see some tournements now. Thanks pro-tee


            • #7
              Just finished Crooked stick..... I would have had a good score if I didn't have help from my friends. It's a pretty good course. I only verified it's accuracy so far with one hole. #6 is very close to real life. Greens are good and relatively easy. Just enough hazards to get a cocky golfer in trouble. I will try stone oaks this weekend.


              • #8
                Is Tiger committed to play the Hero World challenge IRL or on the Simulator??


                • penrose
                  penrose commented
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                  I think I gave you an unlike by was my desired response.

              • #9
                Royal Melbourne West is interesting ... flat firm greens...


                • #10
                  Looking forward to this!


                  • #11
                    Costco balls are back in stock online.

                    I think I'm finally healing and get to play this weekend.


                    • Wyzyguy
                      Wyzyguy commented
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                      I just checked. Out of Inventory is what I got!

                    • Thinman
                      Thinman commented
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                      Pretty crazy, they are completely gone from the site now. Seems like they might be popular. lol. Damn, glad I checked this morning and got an order in. Been waiting all week for them.

                  • #12
                    I have a handicap established, how do we get into these tourneys?


                    • Bubba22
                      Bubba22 commented
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                      You just play them. No need to sign up. In TGC, find the tournament that's posted and play away.

                  • #13
                    do we have to record the round?


                    • ProTee United
                      ProTee United commented
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                      Not required but it would be great if you post videos of your rounds. We all love to watch them.