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Congrats to @Michael Stuewe winning the TGC 2017/2018 Winter Tour - Tournament of Champions !

Join this weeks TGC 2017/2018 Winter Tour - Sony Open with 2 rounds at The Baltasar Springfield NJ - 6662y :
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TGC Match Play - 2016 Open Flight

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    BamaGambler and I had the same thing.....we halved a hole that on his screen showed as a halve and on my screen showed as a win. Hoping that this experiment we're all entering into gets ProTee working on some of these issues, because the ability to play a head up match with anyone around the world is a huge sell for the system and makes this thing really fun.


    • allen2be
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      same happened to cklguy and me

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    tl/dr Daddio won

    Daddio and I played our match and it was a lot of fun. We used skype video chat and it felt much more personal than text chatting for a couple hours. The match play online ended up losing connection. We continued to play using stroke play which I would recommend for anyone who hasn't played their match yet. Due to scheduling conflicts over the holidays I ended up conceding the match to Daddio.

    I look forward to the next time one of these match play events comes along and just hope that i'm not travelling.

    Lastly, I found that when there are turn errors the best solution is to turn off turn order and then turn it back on. It will then be your turn and after you hit your shot you will see your rivals shot.

    Thanks mthunt for organizing.


    • Daddio
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      Had a blast playing Mike (BlechBOX), he put on a clinic, what a sweet swing!!
      We got through 8 holes and then lost connection.
      There was also a hole, 6 or 7 where I won the hole, but it showed a 1/2/

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    Hi mthunt and aeroburner , sorry if I missed this but when is the deadline to play first round? Tonyd9366 are hopefully looking to complete ours this weekend but schedules are tough. Thanks.


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      End of Monday. We are lienient on the first round due to some connectivity issues.


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        Wyzyguy and I can't play our round until late Monday.


        • mthunt
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          That's fine.

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        Just finished a great match with Brace33, took it all the way to hole 17 when I managed one last birdie to close it out 3 and 1. But he fought back from me being 5up to make it real interesting. Had a great time. Again had some issues with online match play so we switched to regular stroke play on hole 4 and kept track of score.
        I guess there is where we post resulte since we have no score card.
        Boo Radley over Brace33 ...3 and 1.........again thanks for a great match!!!


        • Brace33
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          I had a great time can't wait to play again.🏌🏌🏌

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        Here is a quick tip for you all. If you goto SETTINGS->SOCIAL you can switch off TURN ORDER ANIMATION. This will skip the character animation of your opponent on your screen, which will speed up your opponents ball launching on your screen significantly.
        TGC Tours:


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          Apologies. I didn't know that existed.

        • Jwheels9876
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          Thanks for posting this!! I turned off all the animations and stuff and played a ghost ball this morning on Pebble Beach and it felt like an actual match with the turn order on ...

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        Originally posted by ProTee United View Post
        Here is a quick tip for you all. If you goto SETTINGS->SOCIAL you can switch off TURN ORDER ANIMATION. This will skip the character animation of your opponent on your screen, which will speed up your opponents ball launching on your screen significantly.
        Turn order off isn't really playing a match. It's more of a free for all and you check the score card now and then to see where the match is at. Turn order on is better for match play.


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          I think Protee is implying the guy wiggling and doing Preshot stuff...etc.

          Turn order animation is different than just turn order, I believe.

          That said, I still have it on. Gonna switch it off tonight.


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            Oh really? I didn't even know that existed. I'll check it out as well. Thanks for correcting me.


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              Cklguy2013 wooped up on me bad... should have read the forum posts about trying stroke play and keeping track ourselves, but match play worked thru hole 8. Couldn't get conceding to work right, so started back over at 1 and we were going to play it out from there and got booted again on hole 4. Really fun though. Used the Discord app on our phones on speakerphone which worked perfect.

              He probably had me by like 8 and 7 when we were all said and done. Good luck whoever has him the next couple rounds!


              • Cklguy2013
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                Thanks Allen, it was fun playing.

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              tkots and I played our match. He won 2 up. I'll post an update shortly.

              We started in Match play then switched to regular. Here's the old instructions in how to play with friends.

              TGC Online Play:

              To connect online you first have to decide on which golf course to play, as there is no lobby yet. Once both are on on the tee box, you need to connect with your friend(add Live friends to the game).

              1. Hit the ESC key
              2. Make sure Turn Order is enabled
              3. Click on Change Rivals
              4: Click on Friends Live
              5. Select the friend to add to your game. Important: You may need to Scroll down the list until you find the player(s) you want to add.
              5. Click on Back, then click on Resume Game
              6. All the players that you added to your game should show up on your screen as Live.
              7. All players can now tee off. After a few shots, all players will be synced to each other.

              8. Online play will now be turn based.

              NOTE: Do not use Active Friends to add Live players
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                Here's the latest bracket, If I'm missing anyone, let me know.
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                  Mthunt, I just played a great matchplay with Duckhook aka "ncube". He won 1up on 2nd playoff hole. The match was great. He pulled ahead early in the match then I came back to even things. We were all square after 18. He birdied the 2nd playoff hole to win. Overall a real blast! Unfortunately the scorecard was not reliable so we kept scores. Congrats Duckhook and good luck in the next match.


                  • ncube
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                    Thanks for an exciting match. Better to be lucky than good I suppose. I still can't believe how awesome the whole golf sim world is. Had I known I would have been here long ago. Should be interesting to see how it affects IRL scores next spring.

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                  Please give the win to Vincent vaga that Jedis stick is to powerful for us mere mortals the force is strong with him, damn star wars fans haha.