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New Mat for ProTee

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  • New Mat for ProTee

    I wanted to share my review of a new mat I got from Bret at

    Overall, I love this mat. To be honest, the standard mat from ProTee is pretty damn good. Mine is several years old and shows no sign of wear. However, that mat is now in the closet and my new mat from is my permanent mat of choice.


    - Great feel. This mat has the perfect balance of feedback (fat shot is a fat shot) and comfort. The mat absorbs the shot and gives me the feel that I can "go after" a shot and not be afraid of hurting the mat or my wrists.

    - Quality. I have used this mat for maybe 500 shots now and I see no sign of wear or tear. Very well made and the cutouts were perfect.

    - The thickness is the same as the original mat and installation was a breeze. My mat is set inside my putting surface and fit perfectly.

    - Unit comes with plexiglass covers for the sensor area. Some may like that, I removed mine because I don't think they offer any needed protection and it reduces the microphones ability to detect putts. But, if wanted to, you could probably play around with it and make it work but I just don't think they are needed.

    - No permanent tee holder. This is a Pro to me. Gives more hitting area and I like being able to just insert a tee into the mat. (I got tees specifically for hitting mats that work perfectly)

    - Color....the color just happened to match my putting surface perfectly.


    I honestly can't think of any......

    In summary, it's all about the feel. This mat just feels right. Solid, high quailty, and you feel like you can compress the ball against the mat and you can also get up under the ball with wedges,etc. That may sound easy, but is very hard to find the perfect combination in a hitting mat.......believe me, this mat is the best I've hit on.

    Hopefully, Bret or one of his guys can come on and share more of the technical info on the mat, I just wanted to give a user's perspective.

    Here are a couple of videos.

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    Gene, Love the review. A couple questions. How can you be sure that the hitting spot is consistent so that the vcam and hcam have an accurate starting point? Do you have to use pt5 setting so that it takes the longest line and does not consider the starting point? Both with driver and irons. Can you share the tees that you use and the cost of the mat?


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      Hey Boerdoc,

      1) Here are the tees.

      Let me add that if you use short tees, you can just stick them in the mat. I did this some but I want to try and keep the mat in perfect shape, so, I opted not to take a chance. You can also drill a hole and install the rubber tee that is in the original....I just did not want to mess with the integrity of the mat.....Bret can comment on this .... I just like using the winter tees.

      2) It's not hard knowing where the old rubber tee is suppose to be. In fact, I play the ball about 1/2 inch in front of that spot. I set the little red box of the vcam to that spot and I use PT5. As far as the hcam is concerned, as long as your ball is centered your flight path will be picked up correctly. I actually tested this quite a bit when I first got the ProTee. Even with the original protee mat, I usually played my irons in front of the rubber tee spot because it felt more comfortable and I just didn't see a noticeable difference in my shot results. I think as long as your ball is horizontally in center (hcam) and within a 1/2 inch or so of the tee spot, you will be fine.

      3) You need to check with Bret on cost and availability. He does not list it on his website and when I spoke with him, I know they are moving more toward not selling individual pieces but concentrating on providing complete turnkey, I don't want to speak for him. I will invite him to this message so that he can hopefully comment on price and availability.


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        Hey Boerdoc,

        I forgot that I also use these tees.

        I like these because you can nail the bungee cord to mat and you don't have to look for them after every shot


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          A lot of people using our Optishot turf tops drilled holes in it. You have to realize that this turf can take a beating from the top. However it isn't made to have exposed edges. We already have 2 exposed edges right near the hitting area. We really don't want to put another hole in the mat system that we don't feel is necessary. What we do to help prevent tears is we actually push the turf into the gel before it dries. This pushes the gel up and over the turf backing to create a better bond.

          When we ship these tops we will be sending along winter tees. The actual brand is birtee. The link is below. What is great is that in the 8 pack he covers all tee heights you would ever want. You get 1/4 inch increments starting from 1/4 inch up to 2 inches. To be honest, I'm surprised more people haven't discussed these tees.

          We have started manufacturing the metal plates. So these tops will be ready to ship soon. Our turntable mat system is now out of prototype and we have started making them as well. I think everyone will be impressed with both the Protee tee line turf top and the turntable mat for the launch monitors such as the Skytrak.
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            Thanks Gene. I never thought about hitting from just in front of the fixed tee position. Doing what you describe will work well when using pt5. Looking forward to pricing on this top for protee.


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              ProTee tee turf top available from UK.
              Made to order turf top and back plate.


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                I sent a couple of tops to the UK. Hmmm. I’m guessing this is a duplicate of our design.


                • PROTEE UK
                  PROTEE UK commented
                  Editing a comment
                  We did not buy any over here but had been working on a new tee turf top for some time and just never advertised them other than to customers in UK.
                  Sorry if you feel its a duplicate to yours but it would be hard for it not to look similar using a tee up turf of any kind.
                  It certainly was never intended to duplicate another, just to find a solution to getting rid of the tee holder and still use real tees.

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                Just an update guys....mat still performing very, very well. I have no noticeable wear on mine.......


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                  New Tee up turf Trustrike sensor mat for ProTee, links with any Truestrike mat set up.
                  Prototype in use and available to purchase very soon.
                  email for more info

                  Click image for larger version

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                    I imported two mats into the UK, have not been out of box as I was waiting on an automatic tee system that arrived this week. Will test the mat and put a review here.