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Putting Sensor - Yes or No?

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  • Putting Sensor - Yes or No?

    Hello all, I have been skulking around this forum for some time now trying to get as much information as possible on what system to use for a new simulator build in a new house I'm currently building. I have decided to go with the ProTee system as we have both left handed and right handed hitters in our family (yes, we are Canadian). One question I would like to pose to the community is; Is the putting sensor worth the investment?

    I have been to our local indoor simulator and it seems that most of the users will put the setting to very generous gimmies as the putting is not very accurate. I have putted on those systems and I don't find that indoor putting improves my golf game at all. I am trying to justify the additional $1200 for the putting sensor and can't seem to do so when I believe that we will likely set the gimmies to 10-15'. I plan on playing in on-line tournaments once it's all up and running so will there be a requirement to make more accurate putts? Will the hitting mat sensors but good enough to putt from?

    Any and all information is greatly appreciated and I look forward to playing with/against many of you in the tournaments.

    Thanks in advance for your assistance.

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      I think the putting system is definitely worth it. Playing at home I only have gimmes set to 6 feet or so. Putting indoors won't help you distance control much but it will make you hit the ball on a very good line and the putting sensor picks up whether you are starting in on line or not. I have had decent golfers over that aren't great putters in real life and it became fairly obvious that they were not getting the putter to consistently start the ball on line. One guy couldn't believe he was pulling every putt until the sensor strips absolutely showed that he was. Given that you can add it later (just have your design allow for it) you could always try it without it first. Budget allowing, I'd do it. Once you get used to the green speeds and how to read the curves of the green, putting on the sim can be a good part of the experience and the sensor strip will make it a lot better.


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        Just wanted to update this post now that we've been using our system for several months. I did not end up purchasing the putting sensor for my system and I find that the game works very well. I can't imagine what more I would get with the putting sensor as the regular sensor mat reads every putt perfectly.


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          The sensor mat does just fine, only set back is if you stoop and cast shadow over the mat the sensors wont read. The putting sensor resolves this issue. both work great