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Sensor mat major errors

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  • Sensor mat major errors

    Went to play today and all my shots are only travelling an inch. Then when looking at post shot stats its saying my clubface is wide open and the ball is going way right, even when i purposely close the face and watch the ball go left over the far left sensors on the mat. I've tried resetting everything from TGC 2019, the Protee interface, and unplugging and re-plugging in the sensor mat multiple times. I've attached some screenshots of the data being collected. If anyone has any advice it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    Hmm tough one here. Are all your sensors active when you wave you hand over the reset sensor in the back? Maybe it could be a mic issue? What’s your sensitivity setting on your mic, if it got changed it might not be timing correctly. Definitely should open a ticket with protee if you haven’t already.


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      I agree with jhp016s ... contact PROTEE UK or ProTee United I was having the same problem before. Is your sim outside in the cold? You should only have 1 red sensor light up on the ball track. I would first check for debris in your sensor mat. Blow it out and sweep it out but don't touch the sensors.

      ​​​​ My issue ended up being a communication problem at the serial to USB adapter as well as gunk on the board. I would unplug it and take a hair dryer to the adapter, not too hot, and see if that changes anything. It's possible, especially if it's cold out, that some moisture has built up there. Also, do a really good inspection of the board/mat and look for debris or something shorting it out.


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        I assume you have ProTee right? It sounds like something might have fallen down into the sensor area. Something as thin as a piece of artificial grass can play havoc with the sensors at times. For me it it often a broken tee.


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          Log a support ticket and we will get it sorted.
          it could be multpile things but if in a garage or something, dejavu is right you can get a little condensation in connection joints.


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            Hello, I have exactly the same issue that loggolf mentioned above, with 0,5m/h speed for any shot and a major part of the sensor lighting red when the ball and club go though the ball-track sensor. Few questions:
            -what was the technical issue (sensor out of order, or flash eprom problem due to static electricity or integrated circuits of the board)- how was the problem solved, -what it cost you to repair, - what delay it took to get it solved.


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              after seeing your system remotely, you have a damaged sensor in the front row or ball track. It is stopping the mat from resetting and setting. As mentioned it needs a repair by replacing that one sensor.