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How to Install a Protee Golf Simulator

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  • How to Install a Protee Golf Simulator

    Discuss "How To's" and installation tips and tricks.

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    Protee Golf 2.0 Simulator Dimensions:

    1: Read the manual: The ProTee Golf 2.0 User Manual is on the ProTee Golf 2.0 DVD.

    When your DVD player is located as drive E: , you will find the manual in the folder E:\manual

    2: Visit the ProTee support site.

    3: Read through this thread.

    4: Check out the simulator pictures thread to get ideas.

    5: Visit the techical section of this forum.

    6: Read the Beta section of this forum.
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      Videos explaining the Protee's hardware and components.


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        Here are some pics of my setup that will give folks some ideas of how the Protee sensors can be installed quickly and at a low cost.

        Click image for larger version

Name:	putting1.jpg
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        Click image for larger version

Name:	mat2.jpg
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        Click image for larger version

Name:	screen3.jpg
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        Click image for larger version

Name:	mat1.jpg
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          I'm trying to plan rough-in locations for the lights and VCam and HCam along with my stance mat. The projector has already been provided in the location shown on the image. It's a BenQ 1080ST low throw. I know it's pretty close to where the clubs will be swung, so I'm going to build a protection box around it. I haven't seen anything on where exactly the H/V Cams need to be. I'd like to run wires in the ceiling so it looks more professional.

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            Looks good. Main sensor light needs to be directly above the Tee location. Putting sensor light needs to be directly above the putting sensor.

            Hcam is close. Allow some slack in the cable obviously. Vcam will probably need to be a little further from the screen. With the new method. It does not need to be exact. Also, if you can mount the Vcam on the left side of the room, it will make it a little easier to setup. Less chance of it picking up the club if you're a right hander.


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              Hi! I'm very close to making the commitment to ProTee, but still have a few question marks that need to be resolved.

              I've noted that a lot of people are very enthusiastic about the putting sensor so I've decided it's a "must have". The one niggle that I have though is, my space isn't quite wide enough and I'm planning on offsetting the sensor installation more to the right of the spaces center line by about 20 - 30 cm (8"-12") to make more room for my backswing. The projector will stay on the center line of the room to properly project the image on the screen.

              The net result of this is that I will be hitting a bit to the right of the center of the impact screen. ProTee, tells me, although there's no setting in the software to tell it of variations in the placement of the sensors, the system should still work correctly.

              1/ My question to the forum is, has anybody installed their ProTee with the sensors offset from the center of the room or screen, and what the trade offs are?


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                You want the sensors to line up as straight as possible. that way where the ball hits the screen it will travel from that point. same thing applies to the putting. the trade off is if its offset then the location of the ball on screen may not be identical. this is no different than any other sim. The more offset, the worse.


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                  8-12" isn't much. Not a big deal for the main sensor. The ball will always start from the middle of the screen but you'll get used to it.

                  As for the putting sensor, you can still place that directly inline with the center of the screen, while the main is off set by 8-12". You will need about a foot long 25 pin female to male extension cable for the putting sensor. The putting sensor overhead light will still need to be directly above the putting sensor but you will have to angle the light a little towards the center of the target line(target line based on your main sensor being off set).

                  Moving these posts to the how to install thread.


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                    Thanks ZMax!

                    I was just coming around to the thought that the two sensors are somewhat independent in terms of function so what you are suggesting makes sense. Center the putting sensor (since there's no backswing considerations) and offset the hitting sensor (to allow for the backswing).

                    Thanks for your expertise!.


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                      You're welcome. Keep us posted on your install progress. And post pictures.


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                        I'll keep you posted, but right now I'm moving stock out of my business's storage room to free up space for my sim install. It'll be a while yet!


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                          Zmax, how far infront of the hitting sensor is the VCam and HCam recommended to be? My entertainment center is incised into the wall on the right side of the room in the image. The right side is also backed by unfinished basement, making it easy to install items through the wall. I already have hung the drywall and to put the Vcam on the left side would be a pain. But if it's better to do so I will. How does the club interfere with the camera if it's on the right side of the room as opposed to the left side for right handed players? Thanks


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                            With the VCam on the right for a right hander, the club face and shaft will leave brighter streaks. It might work fine, but putting it on the left will definitely work better.

                            The VCam will be about 2 feet when using method PT5 or 2' 2" when using PT1, from the tee location. The hcam is about 2.7 feet from the tee location.


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                              So does it matter if your leg blocks the Vcam when putting? From the video, it looks like you putt just in front of the hitting sensor, which seems like it could get close to blocking the camera.