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Vcam clubhead

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  • Vcam clubhead

    System has been working pretty could except I have about three shots a round that read the club instead of ball. Anybody have any thoughts on how to filter this out. I've tried just about everything I can think of. Cameras are around 30fps , shutter is about 30 and gain is around 7. I get a nice ball streak on the images. I can post more screen shots if needed.

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    I think if you were using PT4 then that shot would have registered correctly.


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      I'll try that Gene. Thanks
      Does PT4 seem to work better for u?


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        Yes, I switched over to PT4 about a year ago. I also think PT1 would help your situation too. Try both and let me know if it helps.


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          Will do! I've been using pt1 with hcam with no issues


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            Pt4 seemed to work pretty good! I still cant get the short wedge shots to act right.


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              What setting are you using for wedges, I think I have that set to pt1 but I will have to check.

              But, play around with those settings until you find one that works best. Also, there are some other settings in that file related to wedges, ie max angle, etc. Check around those as well.

              Usually the issue is your clubhead getting out is front of the ball on lobs, etc.

              If you could post a screenshot of the issue, we can identify the cause and then the cure......


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                for wedges, also look at the fallback / default setting for wedges - one of the lines defaults to the club launch angle depending on what it reads for the vcam; it will make a low spinning shot with speed look like a really high shot. Turning that off might give a couple of more missed shots (not detected) but it will make the angles better when it does detect it. If you do that, make sure iterations is set to 50 to give it a chance to pick up the ball path


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                  Yeah the issue if definitely the club head passing the ball on high lob wedge. What is best method to combat this? Libbing your idea seems to be on track, but not sure I completely understand what to adjust