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How to setup Twitch and stream your rounds live!

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  • How to setup Twitch and stream your rounds live!

    Updated 12/06/2014

    Twitch is the service you will use to stream. It will also store your videos in your channel for later viewing.

    First, you need to setup an account at Twitch.

    Then go to this link below and download OBS or Open Broadcaster Software.

    Then install it.

    This is the software you will need to actually stream your game screen to a Twitch server, which in turns, will allow others to watch the stream on their devices.

    Here's quick video showing how to use OBS. This will get you familiarized with OBS.

    If you only have 4 GB ram, don't bother trying to host. I would recommend at least 8 GB of ram. If your video card is so-so, you will have to run the game at minimal detail and even lower the resolution(running Protee, TGC, Optishot in a window). And you must have good upload speeds. You can check your speed below. Make sure to pick a server that's closest to you.

    Speakeasy speed test

    In order to stream smoothly, I would recommend an upload speed of at least 1.2 mbs.

    OBS setup guide:
    OBS guide

    1: Start the OBS program.
    2: Start up your game.
    3: Set you game's display or screen settings to Window mode. Select the resolution that matches your display or projector resolution.
    4: Reduce the graphics detail if you have anything less than an Nvidia GTX 660 video card.

    5: Hit ALT TAB and select the OBS icon in the task bar.
    6: Right click in the Source box, click Add, then select Game Capture.
    7: Enter a Name box will pop up. Enter the name of your game. i.e. Optishot, TGC, etc...
    8: The Game Capture window will open. Click on the Applications drop down arrow. Select your game. Then click OK.
    9: In the Source box, put a check mark on the capture you just created(Optishot, TGC, etc..)

    OBS settings:
    Click on the settings tab and make the changes in all the sections below.

    General: In the settings profile box, give it a name. Then click Add.
    Video Set Max Bitrate = 1000. Set Buffer Size = 1000
    Audio Set Bitrate = 80. Set Format = 44.1khz stereo

    Broadcast Settings:
    Mode = Live Stream
    Streaming Service = Twitch / Justin.Tv
    Server = (pick a server that is the closest to you)
    Play Path/Streaming Key = (log in to your Twitch account, click on the down arrow by your name at the top right, click on Dashboard, click on Streaming Key, click on Show Key, highlight the key and select copy, then paste it in this box)

    Auto-Reconnect = Check marked
    Auto-Reconnect Timeout = 10

    Base Resolution = should be the same as the resolution you previous set for the Protee, TGC, Optishot game.
    Resolution Downscale = this will depend on your PC specs. Start with 2.5 (514x330) then try a higher setting later if you want.

    FPS = 30
    Disable Aero = unchecked

    Click on Apply and then OK.

    You're now ready to stream. With your game running, click on "Start Streaming" to stream your game live to Twitch. Click on "Stop Streaming" to end your stream.


    Edit: If your upload speed is less than 1.2mbs, check out John's instructions here:
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    Please post your PC specs and internet upload speed if you want to try hosting.


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      Just got Tom setup. Check it out!


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        Still updating the instructions.

        But in the mean time, we just added another Twitch streaming player. Go to the leaderboard and look for the little Live! icon to watch, if the player is currently streaming.

        If it says offline, meaning the player is currently not streaming, just click on the link near the bottom, then add him to your Twitch favorite.

        If you guys want me to remote in and set it up for you, I would be more than happy to do it.


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          Looks great. I will try to get setup this week.


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            Cool. More streamers!


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              Thanks for the help Z. I had set it to archive the video but for some reason it did not save it. Maybe I did not do something right. kind of left in a hurry and really did not pay attention maybe I have to save it some how. did not really look. maybe next time.

              But Thanks.

              I am sure the video sucked anyway. It was me and a couple of fairly new golfers and we were hacking it up pretty good.


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                It would be cool, but I think my upload speed is less than 1 (like .7) so I think that is too slow.

                However the more that can will help when we set up matches.
                Mountain Time


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                  Yeah, less than 1 ain't going to cut it.


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                    If you guys want me to remote in and set it up for you, I would be more than happy to do it.


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                      I got my streaming setup. I tether off iphone for internet until I can install hard line in spring. I get goods speed with my data network and have unlimited data package...11 Mbs download and 2 Mbs upload. I did some test streams and it went to twitch nicely.

                      Shouldn't matter if I am not hosting the game to stream does it? I can't host being on my iphone tether for some reason.

                      My twitch channel is simply 'thelono'


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                        Hey Lono,

                        I've got you setup on the site.



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                          theLono, doesn't matter if you're hosting or not. If you're streaming, the other guys doesn't need to do it.

                          Since you only have 2mps upload, use down scaled resolution and bit rate in my setup above.


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                            I ended up going with 900 bitrate and lowered my fps to 25 fps with scaled resolution. Seems to be the best for minimal dropped frames. Not HD by any means but good enough for our purposes I think....


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                              Yup, need to play with the resolution and bit rate. I tried 1280X720 last night. Picture looked great but saw a little stutter here and there. My download speed is 5mps.

                              I'm going try something that's between 720 and 480 today. Bit rate should be around 1300.