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Congrats to @beau lester (NET) and @Bradford (GROSS) winning the TGC 2018/2019 SPRING TOUR - ATT Byron Nelson !

Join this weeks TGC 2019 SPRING TOUR - PGA Championship with 3 rounds at Bethpage State Park Black Course ProTee:
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Reading from club head

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  • Reading from club head

    Can someone please help me tweak my settings so that the system doesn't read the club head instead of the ball path? Several of us have clubs with white heads however I have used some black non-reflective tape to cover the white areas which has helped some but not totally. The system mostly reads the ball path but usually one shot out of 10 it will read the club head instead which is quite frustrating. The image below shows a right handed driver strike which was topped yet the system is showing a 27 degree launch angle. My vertical camera is positioned on the right side of the simulator mainly because we have 4 left handed players and only one right handed player in the house so moving the camera to the opposite side, in my opinion, is not a suitable fix. Any help would be appreciated.
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    I would suggest contacting ProTee support. They are the experts!


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      You ever get an answer to your question? I have a Protee base pack and am trying to set it up. Tougher than I would have hoped it would be and having a similar issues as you. It seems I do not have the combination.


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        I did get it figured out for my system. I simply put black hockey tape on the top of my driver and 3 wood to cover the white surface and the cameras no longer confuse the top of the club with the ball.

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      Hmmm, that was not my issue, but good idea. I moved the camera left of me and set it up. Works much better.