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Protee Lighting Simplified

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  • Protee Lighting Simplified

    As a newbie on here there is a lot of overwhelming information on which lighting to use with the Protee sensor mat. After trying around 10 different combinations of halogens, that were available at my local hardware store (as recommended by other forum users) with many different configurations nothing seemed to work properly.

    So, what ended up working the best? Simple answer, follow Protee's recommendations. I got everything from Amazon in 2 days. See the links below. You will need to take the bulbs and transformers out of the cans where you will put the Protee Bulbs into. If you need any help with that let me know, it's quite simple.

    A huge shout out to Jamie PROTEE UK for his excellent customer service, and patience with me even though I didn't take their advice the first time.

    I got to play around on it last night for the first time successfully and this Protee sensor mat is spot-on and accurately humbling.

    Please note, you will want the lights to look like a figure 8 without overlapping. This pic shows a slight overlap which can create a shadow. Click image for larger version  Name:	Screenshot_20200113-161300.png Views:	0 Size:	895.6 KB ID:	238048

    Also, very important, you want the light over the mat centered directly over the center of the mat (not the tee location) and pointing straight down.

    When all else fails, or if you get stuck on anything, don't try to do it yourself...let me say that NOT waste your time just to mess things up. Contact Jamie PROTEE UK or ProTee United Their customer support is off the charts and they are all enthusiastic, sincere, and helpful. Also, they have the most accurate knowledge out there on their amazing Protee sensor mats.
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  • #2 it's time to just play golf and have fun......


    • DejaVu
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      Yes sir. I love this thing.

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    Awesome DejaVu - I'm glad I waited for you to test it out, I'm at the point of buying the lights. How many of those do I need, 2 of each item you describe, I think? I guess I need that front Halogen - over the putting sensor, even if I do not have a putting sensor? Is that picture of the figure 8 your setup, or someone else's? If it's yours you say that you want the figure 8 without causing any overlap - but the pic has a slight overlap, so I guess you took that pic before you got the light beam repositioned in the correct spot - is that correct?

    Wow, contacting you by PM to make sure I have it just right... Thanks a million!!! See you on the online course sometime soon, when I finish my ProTee Sim setup and build out of my shed (hopefully will be done working on it by end of Jan, or first week of Feb)


    • DejaVu
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      That is correct. You will need two lights for it to work the best. The second light isn't just for the sensor Matt but to maximize the ball streak. I tried it with one but it works much better with two.

      in the links above you will need 2 bulbs, 2 fixtures to mount them in (you may be able to find just the can/fixtures cheaper somewhere else..because the bulbs and transformers they come in them are junk and I threw them away...but the fixture works perfect to the correct halogen bulbs in), and you will only need 1 transformer. P.m. me for details of how to wire them up. It's very simple using a cut off extension cord.

      You are also correct in that I took the picture before everything was finalized. Currently there is no overlap.

      It takes a lot of patience but it's worth it in the end. Life would have been a lot simpler if I just followed directions from Protee.

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    Hey, just a couple of questions on these halogen bulbs... I always wondered how distracting it my be to hit under this type of lighting and then I read that the UV light emitted by halogens may cause skin cancer? And, that they can heat up to 500 degrees F posing a potential fire hazard (not to mention a heck of a lot of heat in the summer time)? Wow, I'm not sure I can tolerate either of those conditions when playing sim golf, just so my launch monitor reads the ball flight...

    Are these two things I found accurate, what have others discovered?


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      Honestly Brettster i think you may be to smart for your own good. However, maybe not. For example; some people go into Walmart without grabbing a disinfectant wipe for their cart, others would refuse to touch a cart without it. Then some people wear safety masks into the same store; while others do not. It's all up to you what works best for you.

      Again, don't take my advice on anything ever; consult a professional in each and every category that you are referring to whether implied or not.

      I once heard that it never hurts to be careful on each and every step of your journey and to turn over every rock.

      I'm just a simple golf simmer (not a professional) and it's been a ton of fun finally playing TGC 2019 lately. Hope you can get there soon.

      Good luck Brettster


      • Rovers1883
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        nope it don't get hot in my pro tee sim not even close to being too warm it’s all good

      • DejaVu
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        I second what Rovers1883 doesn't get hot in my room from them either. Not sure about the skin cancer, but I sent you a PM on your flooring Brettster

      • Brettster
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        Thanks DejaVu and Rovers1883 - I'm back on track to looking at flooring now... I'll post separately about that.

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      You are definitely going beyond the obv imo. This thread is supposed to be about the lighting simple as that. Pm me about your floors etc and I will try to help you.