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SkyTrak / TGC Disconnect Best Recovery Process?

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  • SkyTrak / TGC Disconnect Best Recovery Process?

    Today I was playing my 5th round in TGC and I believe I experienced the disconnect issue others have complained about for the 1st time. I was playing Pebble Beach and I think I made it through 5 holes before experiencing the issue. I couldn't get system to recover so I could resume play so I closed out of TGC restarted and resumed play. However, it wiped out my score for a couple of holes I had completed and I had to resume on my 2nd shot of the 3rd hole. Is there a way to save after each hole or shot? Is there a recommended way to recover to avoid losing scored holes? That would have been a real bummer if I would have had a group of buddies over playing with me. Thanks in advance for any insight or guidance you guys can provide.

    Edit: I also noticed when I start the TGC after selecting resolution I get a white screen. If I minimize and maximize the screen the program starts up. I also have problems with TGC allowing me to select a course to play when I'm online. It works well in offline mode though. Again any insight would be helpful an appreciated.
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    I am having same problem. I have had friends over too. After 5 holes, TGC Freezes & then I have to reboot & try to continue and it brings me back to the correct hole but wipes out any guest players. Any suggestions?


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      I had that happen 2x during the pebble beach tournament. Usually when you restart it picks up where you left off but I too had to replay a couple holes. Very frustrating. I think it was a server issue???? I'm not sure though. That was the first time ive experienced something like that.


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        ProtonVPN worked for me. It’s free. Was getting disconnected early and often. Since installing, 36 holes, 0 disconnects.


        • Supraracer
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          Can you explain that in more detail, please?

        • GolfGuy72_2000
          GolfGuy72_2000 commented
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          Likewise - if this is a solution that resolves disconnects, it would be great to know more about it. Thanks in advance!

        • cberglof
          cberglof commented
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          I was getting disconnected all the time and I sent ProTee United an email. After running a Speedtest and sending in the results, they sent me a link to and I downloaded the free version of their VPN...think it stands for Virtual Private Network. I may not be explaining this correctly, but it keeps your IP addresses that you are connected to private and...well here is a copy and paste from the email:

          VPN creates a secure network tunnel between de computer and a server on the internet.
          It will bypass any port blockers and traffic scanners. Your provider is probably (modem or network) might be monitoring network packets causing delay and lag.

          I installed the free version. Started it. Checked the toggle switch to start on Windows start up and have NOT been disconnected since.

          Hope this helps.

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        When I first set up my system in my garage I had the same problems you guys are talking about. I bought a wifi extender and a better wifi adapter for my PC and haven't had an issue since. Went from about 10-13 mbps speeds up to about 80-90 mbps wifi speeds. Might want to check out your speeds at


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          I am hardwired and still have a disconnect occasionally.


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            My story is the same cbergolf I just use a different VPN software. VPN software is not a bad thing to have - your IP address is blocked.


            • Supraracer
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              Wouldn't you have to enter the TGC server IP address to VPN into?

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            Highly doubt it's my connection or speed.


            • penrose
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              Protee can sent you an exe - basically it pings there servers and you can see if you get a timeout. Without the VPN I get a timeout about every 3 to 5 min. Without VPN - no timeouts. You would think one timeout every 3 min would still be OK..but nope. I was surprised.

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            I’ve found that when I have a disconnect or the game freezes if I minimize (not close) TGC and then shut down and restart/reconnect the Skytrak app that I can pick up in tgc where I left off. Has saved a few games now when I have people over.