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TGC fps and poor performance

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  • TGC fps and poor performance

    I got a PC that's about a yr old. I7 with 16GB ram and GTX1060. Just installed TGC to run for the first time, I'm getting between 5-10 fps... I mean it take like 3 seconds just to click on the icons.

    i mean this this game was made in 2013/2014? Did I do something wrong or the game is just so poorly optimized? Should I nuke the PC and install only windows and TGC only.

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    Make sure your computer isn't using a built in gpu on the motherboard versus the gtx1060.


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      Have you tried this?


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        This sound stupid, but we have seen users with expensive cards who connected the monitor to the main board video output and not to the GTX card. Makes a huge difference. Double check...
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          I told nvidia to use the 1060 for golf.exe. The setting I have is default. Which is 1928x1080 high, not window. I tried other games like PUBG, it ran just fine at avg 55-65 fps. Ya, it's connected to the 1060 card out.


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            Something wrong with your PC or card. I have the same setup and the game is super fast (I max out most of the video settings) I'm not a computer guy, but I can assure you that it is not the software. I run Windows 10 and my machine is dedicated to the simulator. I would take it to a computer shop .... something is wrong.


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              Have you tried to install the latest Nvidia drivers?



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                Sorry to hijack but how do you check FPS? I'm not a computer person and TGC is the only game I have but I'd be curious to see how my computer is doing


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                  Something seems off. Sorry for asking a dumb question, but is this a laptop or desktop? If this is a laptop a 1060m has a lot less power than the 1060 desktop card. A 1060 desktop should handle high settings at 1080P. If your computer is outputting to a 4K display the 1060 is not going to cut it. If it is a desktop. I would look at what is currently running on task manager when TGC is running to see if another application or process is hogging bandwidth.

                  For fps data a free program called fraps can be downloaded and it posts a fps counter on the corner of your screen.


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                    It's a desktop. I uses MSIafterburner to show my FPS. I tried DDU in safe mode to uninstall all the GPU drivers and reinstalled the newest driver. That didn't work. Reinstalled window 10 that didn't work. i used GPU-z and for some reason the card is locked at 405mhz memory speed and 105 clock speed. I googled 5 other methods and non of them work.

                    So so I went with the ultimate way to fix any computer issues. I NUKED EVERYTHING and reformatted the whole PC. Fresh install windows and only load TGC on this computer. and everything worked!