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Protee Simulator Game and Interface Updates

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  • Protee Simulator Game and Interface Updates

    Updated 12/26/14

    Latest beta interface:

    Remember to always install new interface by right click, then Run as Administrator.

    Latest interface available from ProTee Customer Support Center:
    Fix for chip and pitch shots that go too far. Please make the following changes:

    Chipping_distance= 32M (35 yards)
    Pitching_distance=41M (45 yards)

    TGC enable/disable option added. Enable TGC for connecting to TGC Simulator software. Disable TGC for connecting to ProTee Golf.

    IMPORTANT! As soon as you Enable or Disable TGC use, you must save, close, and restart the interface. Penalty and drag settings can now be saved separately for TGC and ProTee Golf. Before using this interface for the first time, please set all ball speed and drag to default. Then tweak as needed.

    New features: Improved driver ball speed, Improved side spin, improved carry distances. Incorporated most of Zmax's settings(except for camera settings). Check here for my latest recommended settings:

    Please set ball speed, drag, lift, and side spin to default before first use, then tweak as needed. Should only need minor tweaks if any.

    IMPORTANT! Make sure both the Portal and the game are not running when applying updates.
    And install them by "Run as Administrator".

    Installing the latest interface:
    Before installing, make a copy of your current settings file and put it on the desktop.

    EXIT the current interface if it's running.
    After download, right click the file and select "Run as Administrator", click OK and finish install.
    Start the interface, set all club and ball speed to default.
    Set all drag and lift to default.
    Set all side spin to default.
    Set Playmode = 0 or Professional
    Set "ball speed increase factor"(interface settings screen) to 1.2 if using Almostgolf balls. Go higher if you need to.
    Exit the interface, then see my recommended settings section below.

    The system should be very accurate for most people with all settings at default, but feel free to adjustments if needed.

    Latest Red Chain software update:

    This should be the last update to the game until we get scramble modes. This update includes these previous updates:

    Then download and run the latest DirectX update.

    Warning: Use beta software at your own risk. These are for experienced users only! The latest proven interface can be found
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    Latest interface is 3.01d.


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      Latest beta interface posted. See above and follow all instructions. New ProTee users might want to try the latest beta. Just keep in mind that it's still beta.


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        New interface 3.03c now available.

        Fixed sweet spot display issue for TGC.


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          I noticed that after updating the new interface my custom settings were unchanged? Does this seem correct - I thought it always reverted back to the default settings from ProTee? Is there anyway for me to confirm that it is pulling in the new interface software?


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            That is normal. Check the beginning of the settings file. It should show the latest interface number.


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              New beta interface added in the beta section. Improved V-cam spin estimated spin. Please test and let me know.



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                Originally posted by Zmax View Post
                New beta interface added in the beta section. Improved V-cam spin estimated spin. Please test and let me know.

                I dont have the beta version but this makes me wonder....should I have the vcam spin slider turned on in the interface? Also, I have an hcam so I turned off the balltrack as well is that correct?


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                  No, and no.


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                    I'm not in the beta group for the new interface version, but I was curious how the testing is going? Getting the V-Cam Spin option working well is of great interest to me.


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                      Just let you guys know I just install and is now available the latest Protee Interface v3.03g
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                        How do you like the new interface, I have not installed it yet.


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                          So far no problem. Mainly I'm using Protee with Gc2 practice mode on the course. It run smoothly.


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                            New interface:

                            The new version of TGC expected later this month requires at least
                            Interface 3.05 or higher. Older interface versions will not work with the new TGC update due to a change in the SDK.
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                              "This should be the last update to the game until we get scramble modes. This update includes these previous updates:"

                              on the above instructions it appears that quickupdate 41 is a cumulative update- yet I have the dvd and
                              38,,, 38b and 41 are on the dvd... which ones need to be installed-- all of them? or just 41?
                              and why is 37 listed here but it is not included on the pro tee dvd?