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  • ProTee Interface

    I'm trying to find out what the latest interface is and which one is right for me. I have a ticket in to Protee and will share the answer when I get it. But thought I would throw the question out to see if anyone know the answer.

    The version listed in the support area is 3.10d

    I am running 3.14k

    I have seen a 3.15n version but have not installed it.

    Does anyone have a breakdown of the interface versions and the difference between them?

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    Did you ever get an answer to this? I just upgraded to 3.10d, wonder if different hardware is required for 3.14k.


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      I don't believe any hardware is required. The response I got was that there was some improvement in the software of how the software processes the images from vcam and hcam and that it improved the speed or efficiency of that process.

      Hope that helps...not sure what your issue is.


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        I just installed 3.15z. After the initial install I got an error that a .dll was missing. Went to the internet and found out how to reinstall the .dll and all is fine. I was on 3.10 and had just put in a DMK camera. Version 3.10 would not recognize that camera.


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          Just saw 3.15z5 listed on available download. Anyone used it yet? I have H-cam issues and hope this might help.


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            Give it a try. It could also be a connection issue where the camera loses the connection. Make sure both cameras are on different USB hubs. Place one camera in the front of your computer and one in the back. Usually these ports are internally connected to 2 different internal USB hubs.

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          Downloaded 3.14z5 with no issues !!!! Also moved H-Cam USB to front of computer (top acutualy) away from V-cam and today had no freezing of H- Cam. Thanks for the help.


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            I meant 3.15z sorry. Typo