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Is TGC 2019 Compatible with Foresight GC2?

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  • Is TGC 2019 Compatible with Foresight GC2?

    I am working on putting together a Simulator for the winter and would like to go with the GC2, but I see some posts saying it won't work with TGC? Is this true or is there something else special I need to get for them to work together?

    Any other affordable SW Recommendations?


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    It works fine with GC2 but its not out yet. Check with Protee. You would have to but TGC then when TGC 2019 is available for sims they will send you the upgrade but I would check with them for clarification.


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      Also just to clarify you will need to buy the simulator version of TGC which is about $1k, not the video game version that is more like $20


      • andygg1986
        andygg1986 commented
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        Ha I was just making sure since you referred to it as "affordable." The baseline for affordable definitely gets shifted in the simulator world. There have been a few people in the past who thought they just needed the $20 software and then came on here asking why they couldn't get it to work.

        I think Protee has to say that TGC isn't compatible with GC2 for legal reasons. The GC2 broadcasts the readings via bluetooth, and other software companies like TGC just listen in on that. They don't have an official agreement with Foresight, and Foresight doesn't want you buying any software that isn't FSX.

        When you buy TGC you also get two programs called GSX and Protee Interface. The data flow is GC2 -> GSX -> Protee Interface -> TGC. Installation isn't too hard, but if you run into problems Protee has excellent support. You need a bluetooth adapter to connect to the GC2.

        As far as Wifi, you can play around 15 courses without an internet connection, but the other 140k courses need an internet connection. They are downloaded at the time that you decide to play them, as opposed to being stored on your computer. You really need internet access to get the full potential of TGC. Depending on how far away the building is, you might look into a mesh router system. It works better than just wireless repeaters because you don't lose speed when you are connected to the remote mesh points. I have the Ubiquiti Amplifi HD setup and have a very strong signal strength throughout my entire house (around 3600 sqft). You might be able to position the mesh points with one in an outlet in your house closest to the garage, and a second one in the garage to get coverage there.

      • sjdroess
        sjdroess commented
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        Thanks for the info andygg!!! That is everything I was looking for.

        Any other recommendations you have when looking at building my sim...i.e Mats, Projector, etc??

      • andygg1986
        andygg1986 commented
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        There are sections of the forum for each area of building a simulator, and I would recommend checking them out. My 2 cents would be to get a fiberbuilt mat because it is easiest on your joints. For projectors, you will need a short throw model. The two most popular ones are a Benq HT2150ST and Optoma GT1080Darbee. If you want to buy a full enclosure I would check out Allsportsystems on the lower price end, or Par2Pro for a high end custom turnkey solution. There are lots of DIY threads where you can get ideas to make really slick looking setups that will save you money but require some effort to piece together.

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      Was wondering if you were able to get in touch with Protee; I'm new as well and have sent two emails to and haven't receive a reply yet. If you were able to get ahold of someone, wondering if I could get that info so I can get started as well. Have the GC2 just waiting to get software to start playing


      • wbond
        wbond commented
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        GC2 works with TGC no problem. TGC2019 has not been released yet, it's in alpha testing now and being used with multiple hardware devices including the GC2. If you are trying to purchase, you can go to

      • ProTee Max
        ProTee Max commented
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        Try , they respond faster

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      I could still purchase the TGC 2016 now, is that correct? Only problem I'm running into is where do I go to purchase, I went to Protee-United and sent them an email but haven't heard back. Just don't want to spend 1K+ on there sight and it not work b/c I purchased the wrong thing. thanks for the help


      • sherrow70
        sherrow70 commented
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        They have been at PGA show they are very good about responding back. Check your spam folder. Yes I bought TGC in 2018 and they said I will receive TGC 2019 when released. After you purchase they send you all the details how to set-up.

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      So the GC2 is not compatible with TGC 2019? Or is this just a statement Protee is making for legality reasons and the GSX will continue to allow the 2019 to work just as the past TGC? Anyone using a GC2 with the 2019 upgrade?


      • NetcheK
        NetcheK commented
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        Just a statement.
        I have a GC2: the combo TGC2 2019 + GC2 is marvelous!

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      Gc2 is totally compatible with TGC2019. It's a blast. Pick Protee in the drop-down box if there is one and the GC 2 is not listed when ordering and put GC2 in the comments. That was for the pre-order that's probably over though.


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        I’m looking at updating my TGC to 2019 before the late April deadline. For just under $400.00 I think it’s a good deal and look forward to the 2019 upgrade. When purchasing there is no GC2 or Foresight selection since it appears to not be compatible but is compatible. So just choose Protee Interface when purchasing and continue to use the GSX program to Interface? Thanks, I don’t want to be out the $400!