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protee interface 3.10

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  • protee interface 3.10

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    PROTEE SIM OWNERS In the last month Boerdoc and I have been working with Protee on this 3.08 interface that was never published for as we are a couple guys that use white woods and hybrids and were getting misreads on the cams, Protee support did a lot of work with us and implemented the 3.08 and it gave us more access into the PT cam control. and I see its in the 3.10 now and wanted to make sure that protee owners knows its there, this is a great add that protee put into the 3.10 you now can control the Hcam and Vcam with PT 1 as some control was missing in the 3.07. Here is a screen shot of what it looks like. I hope everyone who has been having misreads try this out. Thank you again protee for your help.
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    after update 3.07g to 3.10.. ball dont move even my setting is right..
    im using GC2.
    so GSX is connected. and protee is connected too.
    and i check 'use the golf club' in both and 'use extenel data'
    so my setting dont have any problem. but ball dont move even gsx and protee interface show every ball information(speed,carry,backspin.)

    but i cant downgrade to 3.07g because i cant download in protee support center anymore.

    so.. what is problem? really my setting is correct everything.


    • thedancerjin
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      can i download 3.07g?
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    • Stingreye
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      I had the same error with my GC2 last night with 3.10. I had to downgrade to 3.07g that came with my original install. After downgrading everything worked. It was a "launch error" or something to that effect in the protee interface. It was pretty frustrating.
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    yes I noticed that 3.10 took my settings and sets some things back to default I am glad I save my old interface to notepad in case of such a problem.


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      It should not reset any settings. If so, then its a bug. Which settings did it reset?
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        all my pt cams were put back to 4
        driver SS 2 needs to be 0
        Audio launch offset 4 mine is 1
        audio launch putter 1 mine is 2
        putting factor 11 mine is 10
        Audio noise reduction 0 mine is 6
        gear effect -2 mine -1
        chipping ballspeed 60 mine 65
        pitching ball speed 85 mine 75
        also took my cameras offline and had to copy back to new interface

        it also separated my PT options as was in 3.08 in which we put all together as pictured above
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          Very strange. We just tested updating 3.07g to 3.10 on 4 different PC's (to be sure) and it does not overwrite any settings.
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            what about 3.08 interface to 3.10 as 3.07 was not into my computer, this is a non issue as I always save my interface changes to notepad so it was a quick look through and easy fix it might have only been related to me as I was running the 3.08 and no one else except for Boerdoc had this interface.
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              There is no logic in the interface that would do that on just a couple of settings. The factory reset button is the only logic that would reset everything, but it needs to be clicked by the user.
              Very strange. We will investigate this further.
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              • aeroburner
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                no worries I am golden on this the 3.10 works great as well as my cams, maybe I should have not said anything at all on this sorry for putting you guys out on looking at this.

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              ProTee United Any idea about the "launch error" no read for GC2's with 3.10?


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                one other question please explain the swing tempo that was put in I have no idea what that is


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                  Leave swing tempo at 99. It will reset the swing after X seconds. It has always been there, but it might cause problems with wagles.
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                    I have a gc2 and use protee interface 3.05d. Is there a reason for me to upgrade to 3.10b? Does it change anything for us GC2 users?
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