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JNPG Course Listing

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  • JNPG Course Listing

    Hello everyone,

    I’ve enjoyed reading all the posts and researching my simulator build. I think I’m going for the JNPG software as I want the opportunity to have more than 4 players at once. I’m having some challenges finding a complete course list for the $199 and $249 packages. Can someone point me in the right direction as to where I can find a complete list of courses for each package? Skytrak website lists a couple, but doesn’t appear to be the complete list? Appreciate the help!

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    you need the 249.00 one PM me i will help with the link


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      Confused as to whether I can post this or not, but these are the courses which have been been reviewed and deemed good enough for competition. There's another 10-20 or so that didn't go through the review process, and plenty of others that weren't deemed good enough to have serious competition on (e.g. bugs, poor design, ugly...).

      Real courses (117)

      Spyglass Hill
      Quail Hollow Club
      University of Georgia Golf Course
      Links at Gateway
      Smithfields CC
      Amana Colonies Golf Club
      Pinehurst No 2 v1
      Sedgefield CC Ross
      Dancing Rabbit (the Azaleas Course)
      TPC Potomac at Avenel Farms
      Baltusrol Lower TE
      Victoria National Golf Club
      Cypress Point Club
      Royal Birkdale GC
      Belle Isles CC East
      Pebble Beach Golf Links
      Galloway National
      Bethpage Black
      Bethpage Red
      Royal Troon
      Georgia Pines Golf ClubANGC
      TPC Southwind
      Jupiter Dunes CCJupiter Hills CC
      Plainfield CC
      Nonesuch River
      Cherry Hills CC
      Peachtree Golf Club
      Latrobe cc
      Sedgefield CC Ross Course
      Copperhead CCInnisbrook
      Kissing Tree
      Pine Lake Golf Club
      Highlands v_1cSunday River Golf Club
      Merion Golf Club
      Castle Pines
      Cliffs at Keeowee Vineyards
      East Sussex National West Course
      Muirfield Village
      Bandon Dunes
      The National Golf Links of America
      The Old CourseSt. Andrews Old Course
      Meadow Brook
      Bandon Trails
      Tobacco Road
      Chicago Oaks GCMedinah CC
      Lakes of Taylor
      Rhode Island Country Club
      TPC Scottsdale stadium
      Baltusrol Lower
      River Highlands CCTPC River Highlands
      Orange County CCBay Hill Club and Lodge
      Florida Palms GR BlueDoral Blue Monster
      TPC Deere Run
      St GeorgesRoyal St George's Golf Club
      Orchard Valley
      Naples CC GoldTiburon Golf Club
      Waialae Country Club
      Riviera Country Club
      Bear Mountain
      Phillips Park
      Liberty National GC
      East Lake Golf Club
      Gary Player CC
      Royal Porthcawl
      Winged Foot West US Open
      Dalhousie GC
      Innisbrook GC - Copperhead
      Kytaja Golf - South East - Summer
      Hanbury Manor
      The Grove
      Florida Glades CCTPC Sawgrass
      Southport LinksRoyal Birkdale
      Hintlesham Golf Club
      Royal Melbourne (Composite)
      Firestone South
      Forest Lake G.C.
      shoreacres country club
      Heacham Manor
      Olympic Golf Course Rio
      Pacific Dunes
      Carroch Loch V3Carnoustie
      Bethesda C.C.
      NCR South
      Bellerive CC
      Massachusetts G.C.Boston TPC
      Southampton LinksSebonak GC
      Reserve at Keowee
      Trump National at Ferry Point
      PGA National Champion
      Palm Beach GCPGA National
      Walker Course
      Quaker Ridge
      Ocean View v1cThe Samoset Resort - Rockland, Maine
      Illinois CCConway Farms GC
      St Enodoc Golf Club
      Trump National Coltsneck
      Blackwolf Run (River)
      tpc san antonio
      Mississippi Dunes Golf Links
      S. Portland Municipal
      Trapmont Country ClubOakmont
      Middleton Hall
      ForsGarden GK
      Westhaven North v4Wenthworth West course
      north lakes resort golf club
      Spook Rock G.C.
      Torrey pines south course
      Trump National Hudson Valley
      tpc potomac at avenel farm
      NCR North
      Fishers Island Club

      Fictional courses (101)

      Whitestone Park Golf Club
      null (unnamed)
      The Prelude
      The Old Warden
      Maha Toka
      Old Scotch Links
      Ddraig Du
      Falcon Meadows
      Barford Waters_1_3
      Nahoon Reef GC
      Sarbach Peaks_1_7
      Outer Island Links
      Lands End
      Evergreen Park Golf Club
      Castle Heights GC
      Lost Tracks GC
      The Reservoir
      Jersey Hills CC
      Mulligan Municipal
      Cape Fear
      Wells Hollows Golf Links
      Hazyview Golf Club
      Ridgeway Municipal
      Halcyon Springs
      Crystal Pines
      Black Swan
      The Glen v1.1
      River Bend GC
      Mesquite Valley
      *** Combine
      Aloe Ridge v1
      Sapphire Lake GC
      Blackface Mountain
      Blackface Mountain R
      Mount Zanzibar North
      Mount Zanzibar South
      Old Cragg
      Pineapple Lodge-Night
      Pineapple Lodge Golf & Spa
      Barnacle Bay
      Crown Links 2017
      Dogma Valley Par 3
      The Cheviot G.C.
      The Red Tree Club
      Mohawk Valley Golf Course
      Green Cliffs
      Isla San Monique
      Castle Black 18 v2
      Holy Oaks Golf Club
      Shipwreck Cove
      Heritage Coast Golf Club
      Clay Hill Estates cc
      Buzzard Coast cc
      Downland Golf Course
      Blackwater Creek
      Dry Gulch Golf Club
      Chop Hills Golf Club
      Golden Meadows
      Willow Heath
      Hobson House
      Flatwater GC
      Nautilus Bay
      Danville Acres
      Brook Vale GC v1.2
      Mount Zanzibar Par 3
      Port Wenn Links - The Louisa Course
      The Glade GC v2
      The Grinder G&CC
      Gambler's Bay v2.1
      Chickadee Golf Club
      Dos Lagos v1.3
      Skye Dunes GC_v3
      Falconhead CC v3
      Oak Hollow Bv2
      Xaxnax Borealis
      Royal Juxford
      Hidden Canyon G.C.
      Club Schwarzwald
      Abbotsley Golf Club
      Five Sisters
      Castle Morrland
      Great River White
      The Pines Golf Course V1_2
      Prison Putt
      Ayot Lakes GC
      Devil's Island
      *** Driving Range Night
      The Lake Course at CatWeazle Hill
      *** HQ Practice Area
      *** Long Drive Course
      Long Driving Hole
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        That's a great list. Do you buy JNPG for $249 then buy the courses for $249 as a one time fee?


        • Stingreye
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          Edit: basic it’s only he $250 annual sim pass. One time steam purchase ($30). Handful of courses that are DLC (downloadable content) that are $3-$5 (one time purchase). I think if you buy all the DLC courses it might be $30 max.

          Vast majority of those are user designed/free. There are a handful of paid courses in the $3-5 range to pay the licensing costs to the course is my understanding. However, the developer built course are usually courses where PP designed the course for the television broadcast and you see the same exact course as the 3d flyovers and graphics you see on tv. You can usually tell when they are using the PG engine because the quality is much better than whatever the other software that is used on TV. TGC and PG 3D flyovers are are much better than whatever that other company is using for the tv broadcasts.
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        • shimonko
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          Of that list I put, only 8 courses come at a trivial cost to cover licensing of the real venue - Bethesda, Muirfield Village, PGA National, Innisbrook Copperhead, Royal Birkdale, Sedgefield, The Grove and Devils Island. Devils Island, being fictional - not sure why there's a cost for that one.

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        Tobacco Road - this has been one of my favorite courses. It is also on TGC


        • Stingreye
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          Some crazy blind shots and bunkers there. The IRL pics are epic!!!

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        Is this a course in Michigan, Lakes of Taylor? Pretty cool if so, it's a local course near me and a pretty decent track. I wonder who did this one?


        • shimonko
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          yep, in Taylor, MI. Sinewiz did it.
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        • wbond
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          That's pretty cool. I think that might be the closest sim course to me besides oakland hills. Now I may have to re-think JNPG. It was bad enough to get over the annual ST package but at $99 it was acceptable with their continued updates. Adding another at 250 is even worse. He/she did an excellent job based on the two holes on youtube.
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        So JNPG does not have Augusta or a facsimile such as "Magnolia National"?


        • shimonko
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          Georgia Pines ANGC (Augusta National Golf Club) is Augusta - it was originally called Augusta but the designers got a stern letter from Augusta. Perfect Parallel also did an authorized version of Augusta but it was only used for SkySport's coverage of the Masters.

          Although Georgia Pines does use a high quality scan of Augusta's terrain, the general rule for course naming is if high quality scanned terrain data was used, the course is named after the real course - if not, a fictitious name used.

        • shimonko
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          Despite the general rule, still many course designers are scared to use the real names so they make up fictitious name, even if high quality terrain data was used. St Andrews also had to get called "The Old Course".

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        This is an awesome list, thanks for sharing. Now excited to get everything up and running and start 4 on 4 games!


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          Thanks for the list, was thinking of trying this sim out for 2018. Do you download the course library? Or play it over the internet like TGC?


          • Jwheels9876
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            You download the majority of them. About 10-15 come standard. Only the licensed ones,probably about 7-8 have a fee of $5.99 or $6.99