TGC Tour - Congratulations!

Congrats to @Thundergolf (NET and GROSS) winning the TGC 2018/2019 WINTER TOUR - ProTee Open Hawaii !

Join this weeks TGC 2018/2019 WINTER TOUR - CareerBuilder Challenge with 2 rounds at PGA West (Palmer) Thursday :
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TGC 2019 No free upgrade?

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    Genghis Thanks for that info!. So do i need to fill out that pre order form on the link you shared or is that only for people these people... "If you're not eligible for a free FULL LICENSE upgrade you can purchase the TGC2019 for Simulators upgrade at a discounted price of EURO 345. The upgrade package will allow you to use both TGC for Simulators and TGC2019 for Simulators."?


    • Genghis
      Genghis commented
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      You should fill out the request for a free upgrade based on your current annual subscription. I would not pre-order the upgrade unless you get notice from protee that you are not eligible for a free upgrade (don't know when they are notifying people).

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    Hey Protee. Will TGC 2019 version contain multiple tee boxes?


    • caldiver
      caldiver commented
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      Yes - this has been posted about numerous times. And with multiple screenshots.

    • ProTee United
      ProTee United commented
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      What caldiver said. So yes.

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    Well so i literally just bought a skytrak and it comes today. If I boot up and buy TGC Lifetime I would be eligible for the free upgrade or did I need to purchase prior to 2019? That is my only concern at this point! This forum is amazing and I am quite literally just getting started! Thanks for any help and information.


    • frackh
      frackh commented
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      No apology needed. Just making sure you saw the response from ProTee instead of the grapevine. Enjoy the SkyTrak unit, just don't over do it like I did!

    • bkirkley09
      bkirkley09 commented
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      FirGir - I actually bought it used so maybe I can avoid the 6 hour charge?

    • FirGir
      FirGir commented
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      Probably can avoid it then, but I honestly don't know. May depend on when it was last cranked up? Might be worth a chat on the SkyTrak website if no one smarter chimes in and it's been a while since the unit was used.

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    I too was sitting on the fence on whether to buy the original TGC or wait for the 2019. This threat allowed me to pull the trigger, played 90 holes yesterday and can barely move today 😂


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      I purchased TGC late 2017, based off the following statement by ProTee:
      There a difference between an UPDATE and an UPGRADE. Here is our definition of:

      UPDATE - new functionality, new features, improvements, add-ons and bug fixes on the current software. From version 1.0 upto version 99.0.
      UPGRADE - for example a brand new game engine, like TGC to ProTee Golf 3.0.

      We have never charged for ProTee Golf 2.0 updates since 2001. We have never charged for any TGC updates since its release back in August 2014. ProTee Golf 2.0 customers received TGC as a TOTALLY FREE UPGRADE. Product lifetime UPDATES will always be free.

      However, we can not guarantee a free product UPGRADE path. No body can, as we just do not know what our future product offering will look like. As our history shows, we will always try to provide an UPGRADE for free, and if we really, really, really can't do for free it will be for a very small fee

      Now $392 is certainly not what could be considered as a "very small fee".

      I'll let this play out and give them the benefit of the doubt before I call this misleading or deceptive.......


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        I would suggest you to fill free upgrade form.
        I filled that form and I am waiting for reply.
        Has someone got reply from ProTee after filling free upgrade form?


        • Whiskeyjack
          Whiskeyjack commented
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          Nope, hopefully they'll let us know before the official release. :-)

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        Even if users get the free upgrade from ProTee are we sure that skytrak will not charge for the upgrade?


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          Any updates on time frame for TGC 2019 Skytrak release? I've read quite a few posts about it but the time frame for SIM support was 2-3 months after tgc 2019 release. We're a little past that time frame but I haven't found any solid updates on this.


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            Likely to hear/see more info next week at the big PGA Show in Orlando.


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              Has anyone been contacted for testing? Curious what folks think.


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