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Do they fix the SKYTRAK???

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  • Do they fix the SKYTRAK???

    My SKYTRAK needs to be fixed and it is out of warranty. It stopped tracking the ball for left handers. It still works for right handers.
    I read that Skytrak no longer repairs these units ( from some time ago- 2 years)
    Is this true?
    How much do they charge for repair?


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    They repair the units, costs range depending on the issue. I would expecting the high end $300-400 with parts, calibration and shipping. Excellent customer service.


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      Sounds like another laser curtain. There a quite a few going on lately.


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        My LH laser curtain went bad a year ago. As I recall the repair was $183.


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          What does the turnaround time look like from ST in the US?


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            I just sent my unit in for repair and they quoted me two weeks turnaround time. Mine was also a laser curtain that failed after two weeks.


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              If the unit has a bad laser curtain does it stop reading all shots completely? Last week my Skytrak started reading shots going way left, like 40 yards left consistently. I was playing TGC with friends when it began. I later opened up the Skytrak app and it did the same thing.


              • jrz
                jrz commented
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                Did you get this sorted out, or are you still having a problem? Is it with every shot? I get one or two of every round in TGC. It’s maddening and fascinating at the same time...

              • Cochise
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                No, I'm still having the same issues. I'm not sure whats going on. I've just set it up on an angle and it seems to work fine. But yes, I agree with you on them maddening and fascinating...

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              A broken laser curtain will create no-reads, not bad reads. Bad reads are typically one or a combination of alignment, calibration or indoor swing effects.


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                .....or the ball used.