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SkyTrak problems

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  • SkyTrak problems

    hi, i have a big problem. I bought the new skytrak, I realized that he works very well from the wedge to the 6 iron and the measures are real to my game, but from the iron 5 -> to the driver I can't make the ball fly more than 200 yards. absolutely does not read the actual measure. How can I resolve before the 30-day trial period before returning? Do you have any solution before I fall into depression?

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    Have you done everything in the "tips and tricks" section ?
    Higher ballspeed (long clubs) normaly requires a good "logo" or something for the ST to read. Placing the logo towards the lens/ST. Also to much light directly to the ST is bad.


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      yes I read carefully what you suggest but with no solution,
      the thing that makes me angry is that from sw to i6 works perfectly that's why I can't say that the skytrak is not broken.


      Speed Master


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        What kind of space are you set up in? The indoor swing is a very real phenomenon, especially when you get to longer clubs.


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          It might be helpful to post some pictures of your skytrak when you have it set up to start hitting. The issues could be due to how it is set up in your space. Also, make sure to remove the screen protector that has the pull tabs.


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            I found that I received much better readings on my longer clubs when I changed to a CCE mat (so I could use real wooden tees) and elevated the skytrak using an old cigar box. The cigar box sits next to the mat with the skytrak on top. (It especially helped with realistic driver readings as I couldn't hit a driver further than 240 yards before that and I typically hit around 280 in real life.


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              Maybe you could post a pic of your setup, then a screenshot from a good club (sw-6i) and then readings from a driver so we can look at the numbers.