Ive recently built a new simulator and have been dealing with the Xfinity/Comcast IP issue for weeks. I finally did find a work around that will allow The SkyTrak to connect wirelessly and the comp to also keep internet connection. Xfinity offers the little home pods to create a mesh network around your house. Those pods have a ethernet connection plug that will allow you to hardwire the comp straight to it like you would a normal router, bypassing the IP address issue. The best part is you don't need your internet or router in the room as your Sim, just one of the little pods since they plug into a normal outlet right next to where you comp is. The trick Ive found is you have to leave the ethernet cable unplugged until The SkyTrak connects to the computers wifi and then you open The SkyTrak app. Then plug in the cable to the comp, close The SkyTrak app and open TGC 2019. works every time. Ive spent over a month dealing with SkyTrak and Comcast being told there's no way to fix it but I didn't want to listen. Ive gone through the USB wifi adapter, range extenders, and a second router with a new IP address cascading from the old router setup that can't be changed from Comcast. Ive been reading on here for over a month looking for help so I thought I would post how I did it. I know hardwiring isn't new but I did not have the option of having my internet in the basement where my Sim was setup. This way is hardwiring but it's only to a little 2x2 pod in the wall outlet. Hope this helps anyone still having an issue. Feel free to message me if you need any help.

My routine:
Turn on comp-
Turn on Skytrak-
Connect Skytrak to wifi on comp:
Open Skytrak app and let it connect in direct mode:
Close Skytrak app:
Open TGC 2019:
So far works it works every time.