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Driver practice / skills assessment

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  • Driver practice / skills assessment

    What is the best way to practice driver on Skytrak’s newest version? Can one set up fairways to get a measured FIR? Or is it just driving range and guess if I would have hit a fairway?

    Also, what is the size of the target in the skills assessment? Is there a way to adjust it? I worry if my “hits” are actually misses on a real green size

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    Click the settings button underneath the yardages on the upper left side of the screen. That will allow you to choose whether you hit into a green or fairway and choose the size/width of the target. It will keep your stats for you on the left side underneath your yardage.


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      Awesome! I missed that feature.


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        Thanks for this info! It really helped me establish a better practice routine!


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          The point of driver is to hit it far, accurate, and with the shot shape you desire. I just hit and and exported data to a spreadsheet. It tracked carry, but most importantly, standard devation off line in degrees. With this data, I can go on google earth on a new course, and know exactly what the chances are of being OB with a given line, or chance of carrying a bunker at distance x.


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            Intriguing concept I never considered... Morini could you elaborate and show us an example spreadsheet? This would be a powerful tool to use to calculate how well any golfer could (or could not) play a course based on Drives and standard deviation from straight. It seems then that this could be calculated for tour pros as well, maybe it's already done?